Father’s Day: 3 ways to send him a message

There are only a few days left before Father’s Day, a little time to get him a gift, a little look to tell him that we love him. Perfume is a safe way, the most popular gift choice. You have to choose it carefully because perfumed water is not the only sweet water that you spray in the morning out of the ordinary or do the same with others. A perfume is a character, a story or an activity that accompanies us throughout the day.

If we give Mom products to make her more beautiful, for Father’s Day we remember Dad, besides being a great father, he is an important person. in our lives, we will always need him but that does not diminish his. the charm and his charm (let’s not belittle these gentlemen today).

As we know, fathers are not the greatest witnesses, giving a perfume is the best way to stay calm by saying everything that compares to Maupassant. Whether your father is a hero, a demi-god or a special agent, the right perfume, the one that says a lot about him and your image of him, is in this choice. .

Dad, you are my own James Bond

Azzaro WANTED – Eau de Toilette 50 ml (€61.50), 100 ml (€82)

Full of confidence to always get your way. Regardless of your head, you enjoy punching your nose in the end.
A lover of westerns, gangster movies and mysteries, it should be easy to bottle or not. If you don’t drive an Aston Martin like some 007 agent you idolize, you’ll have a box that you can relax in front of the bathroom mirror (yes, I know you do that ).
You destroy life on both sides but you don’t appreciate what we do with the world. So you need a perfume that has great ingredients from fair trade, with respect for communities and organic matter. A fragrance based on cardamom from Guatemala, vetiver from Haiti and tonka bean from Brazil. A strong, strong and unknown cocktail created by Fabrice Pellegrin is achieved by a duo of lemon and ginger.
So it will be a perfume like you, as charismatic, optimistic and courageous as you are. And if this picture isn’t yours, maybe it’s your dream self, you’re the one who taught me that happiness doesn’t have to wait.

Father, you are a god among men

Penhaligon's, Concentrated Endymion - Eau de Parfum 100ml (€149).

Penhaligon’s, Concentrated Endymion – Eau de Parfum 100ml (€149).

Let’s say he’s a demi-god or a legend, but this doesn’t sound good right away.
Since you have no time limit, you need a perfume that bears the name of the best son of Zeus, Endymion, who had a beautiful love story with the goddess Moon who threw him in sleep. he can think forever. I know you love me.
Because you have that beauty so Britishthe dandy, who seduces all my friends and intimidates all my lovers, will be a British knight and the official title of His Highness the Duke of Edinburgh. and His Highness the Prince of Wales, ee Sir!
The smell of these? Waves of sage, lavender, bergamot, nutmeg, spices, suede, leather and geranium. A mix of clean notes and dark notes but showing kindness, just like you.
Vial? Like you, it’s not fun. Elegant, refined and simple, she simply wears a bow tie to stand out from the crowd.

Dad you are my rock

Bvlgari Man Black Cologne - Eau de toilette 30 ml (€54), 60 ml (€70), 100 ml (€94)

Bvlgari Man Black Cologne – Eau de toilette 30 ml (€54), 60 ml (€70), 100 ml (€94)

A true force of nature, you need a perfume that is like you, that also shows your taste for sport, competition and fashion. What could be better than a fragrance that draws its roots from the center of a famous volcano: Etna!
A healthy mind in a healthy body is your message so you need a green water based on citrus fruits, neroli, white musk, sandalwood, tuberose and precious woods washed down with rum. A strong, pleasant and masculine combination, thanks to its amber and aromatic tones that are balanced by floral notes, bright and invigorating.
I choose it because it’s hot and cold, because it’s powerful, explosive but refreshing, and because this cologne immediately reminds me of you.
Its bottle seems to be carved in volcanic rock, deep black, soft but tough, seductive but beautiful, full of nuances and very virile in short.

This perfume is for you because you know how to lift me up when I’m lost and take me at arm’s length when I need it.

So how is your father?

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