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Fragrance for men: these are the best bottles

“A woman without perfume is a woman without a future”, likes Coco Chanel. But fifty years after the death of the famous designer, we want to add this message that the result is the same among men. Need to complete a dress and prove a character, perfume for men It has the same needs (and needs) as those expected of a good wife. For something new that will accompany him throughout the day, choose carefully Cologne with peppery bergamot and amber wood. It’s even more fun, it’s decorated with other flavors aromas and fruits, just waiting to be worn by people in search of freedom. For quiet people, the Sandalwood It is a wise choice, but it brings warmth and body to the person who uses it. Whether his personality is flamboyant or introverted, each character can connect himself with everyone. The idea here is to find the one and never leave it again.

• Sauvage Dior eau de toilette, €49.35 instead of €70.50. Find out here.

• Dior Homme Intense eau de parfum spray, €53.19 instead of €75.99. Find out here.

• 1 Million Paco Rabanne eau de toilette, €59.85 instead of €85.50. Find out here.

• Bleu de Chanel eau de toilette spray, €70.90. Find out here.

• Boss Bottled Hugo Boss 200 ml eau de toilette spray, €65.29. Find out here.

• Acqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani eau de toilette, €46.19 instead of €65.99. Find out here.

Spices: great brands at low prices

Who says the end of the year is the biggest shopping season with the holidays approaching. And take our word for it: it smells like every seasonone of the big stars under the tree. So instead of missing out on unique and exclusive gifts, we also offer you this selection of something that will please everyone thanks to these perfumes that have been sealed (and are being presented to best discount rates). From 100 to 300 milliliters, the hottest brands in the world high spice… It is not possible this year not to have a bottle to fulfill the wishes of the man you want to fulfill. For a young person or a young worker, choose the latest a no time, which causes odor during the day and night. For the men in your life, the options are almost endless: the fresh notes of lavender and mint, the marriage of cedar wood with patchouli, the combination of spicy and warm notes… No tell examples with reusable bottles made with natural materials. In short, there is more competition with the big names in women’s perfume.

• Eau de toilette 300 ml CK ONE Calvin Klein, €41.40 instead of €117.10. Find out here.

• Eau de toilette 200 ml LE MALE Jean Paul Gaultier, €67.70 instead of €122.50. Find out here.

• Eau de toilette 100 ml 1881 Pour Homme Cerruti, €22.42 instead of €68.60. Find out here.

• Hoggar Yves Rocher eau de toilette, €39.90. Find out here.

• Pour Lui In Black Mauboussin eau de parfum, €29.84 instead of €76. Find out here.

• Eau de toilette 100 ml Acier Bourjois, €7.73 instead of €9.99. Find out here.

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