Chanel and Pochet join forces to present the renewed bottle N°5

In 1921, Gabrielle Chanel overturned the codes of the perfume and chose N°5 a heavy bottle, stripped of all the jewels that left all its space to the perfume, the choosing a tall glass that can lower the water.

But to stay avant-garde and timeless, while one is celebrating his 100th year, one must know how to reinvent himself, even in an unconscious way!

A pioneering approach and a technical challenge

To give N ° 5 a bottle that includes recycled glass while maintaining the same purity, beauty and glass, close to glass objects, the Chanel companies have joined and Pochet du Courval know how to do it. think again about glass work.

Our goal is to develop a high-quality, innovative glass that meets the standards of quality and creativity of the House of Chanel. “Pochet explained in a press release.

The production of this bottle became a real technical challenge, because The blackness of the glass depends on the purity of the raw material used.. Glass because it is fragrant is the most transparent and shiny and can change its shape again.

In order to guarantee the highest quality glass, Pochet du Courval and his partners have developed a new technical process to control each stage of the value chain. ” Every detail has been carefully considered: the glass, the characteristics of the glass, the purity and beauty of this glass and its resistance have been evaluated. “, we show at Chanel.

Pochet like that a new type separation method reserved for white glass. By ensuring the quality of the recycled glass, it can be added 15% PCR glass for bottle making.

N°5 Eau de Parfum in small edition 100 ml is the first perfume to benefit from this innovation, called. SERVICE 3 [1]will be gradually rolled out to other Chanel Parfums from 2022.

Environmental needs

According to both companies, the result of this combination is better in more ways than one, because it promotes a circular economy, reduces the use of natural resources and reduces in carbonation effect while maintaining the beauty of the perfume.

On average for 1 million bottles made with SEVA 3 new recycled glass, we save more than 25 tons of raw materials. “said Pochet.

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