“Burberry vs. Fenty” compares when the fragrance conversation gets out of its comfort zone.

It is a classic advertisement, often ridiculed for its overuse of muses, its lack of interest and above all the absence of truth: smell talk.

Isn’t it time to stir up the conversation, take it out of its comfort zone? To try to find a new way, here is a review of two perfume launches, on the one hand “Fenty Eau de Parfum” and on the other hand “Burberry Hero”. The two schools are opposed.

Burberry Hero, an advertising agency.

The copy of the Burberry Hero image has no problems, everything is based on the magnetism of Adam Driver, a face often used by brands – Gap, Breitling … – and the always impeccable images of Mario Sorrento. The scene ends with an enigmatic vision, showing the Driver as a centaur, who has raised a ridiculous 2.0.

This last sequence is not anecdotal, more than the hybridization between the actor and the horse, it is the whole project of the film that is seen as a lego of the powers outside of Burberry, for then the meaning of “ua vu”, another group in between. The universe of Acqua Di Giò by Armani and the horse of “Terre d’Hermès” … I always tell brands not to use the horse in their ads: it belongs to Hermès, i the collective mind.

Burberry Hero is traditionally supported by a controversial media influence XXL.

Fenty Eau de Parfum, true to the bone.

The launch of Fenty Eau de Parfum “was done on the bone”, with a small media plan: Fenty website and Rihanna’s Instagram account. The most important thing is the fact of approach and connection, about the voice and the words used by Rihanna.

Basically, Fenty Eau de Parfum is an understated statement and addition: “The fragrance is both fragrant and sweet at the same time and is designed to be worn by everyone, for all occasions.” all.”

Not gender, from the color of the game to the design of the bottle: “I wanted a rich color that really represents all men from all walks of life. Brown is my favorite color. Brown is who I am. Brown is where I come from. If I make a perfume show me, and the body of the bottle can marry it, so I like it. in the dark, but clear — that you may see the water and the way you are approaching. see.” “The bottle was designed to fit my hand and show a perfect balance between femininity and masculinity.”

The final promise is simple and ambitious at 120 €: “That’s what I love the most: an experience, a memory, attached to a scent. One scent, you will never forget.”

Two strategic approaches, on the one hand a typical disembodied blockbuster and on the other hand an “indie”, which are introduced and implemented. Who do you like?


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