Beauty products: the 8 best beauty products that Vogue France editors packed in their bags this summer

Care, make-up, perfumes: what’s up jewelry beauty accessories changed in the plane of the editors of Vogue France to leave for a long weekend or holiday ?

1. Head to Toe, Clarins

“Of course it’s easy to do, but why bother when we can think of everything for you! I love Clarins products, and in this tour, there is, among my favorites, the Baume Beauté Éclair (perfect fit) and Crème Jeunesse des Mains (additive fragrance). And as its name suggests: the box you need for beauty from head to toe. What’s more yes?” Sylvia Jorif, Editor of French Vogue

2. The Kit, Joanna Czech

“I find this travel case very well thought out. I like the well-sealed case that closes with a seat belt like airplanes, like products, each one is smarter than before of the solution for the weekend from home. With natural touch Soothing Serum infused with hyaluronic acid to soften the skin and Le Baume, a skin comforter that eliminates minor tightness during cold. A dream for beauty lovers, but with a price: 1600 €.
Frédérique Verley, beauty editor of French Vogue

The Kit, Joanna Czech Skincare

3. The Flight Essentials Kit, Barbara Sturm

“I like Barbara Sturm’s travel bag, especially the longer ones. There are soothing serums, a moisturizing cream and a mask and cleanser. Perfect for the weekend, when you don’t want to take your big product with you.
Jade Simon, Editor and Lifestyle Editor of French Vogue

The Flying Toolkit, Dr. Barbara Sturm

4. The Right Ritual in XS Style, On the Wild Side

“I love the philosophy of the beautiful Bordeaux brand on the Wild Side: every product is created from wild plants. Why? Because the plants are not sown or cared for, from a stable and benefit from slow growth that guarantees them a good range of tools. Here is my duo of essentials that I mix in my weekend nonsense every time. Make-up remover oil, milk type, hold the smallest amount of make-up.And the best sunscreen, not light and thick, nourish the skin every day.
Mélanie Defouilloy, Editor and Beauty Market Editor of Vogue Frank

Ritual “Essentials” on the wild side

122 €110 €

On the wild side

5. Storage box, Belif

“Just because you’re retiring doesn’t mean you have to cut back on maintenance, or drop a product from your routine. When traveling, I prefer minimalist treatments, which provide just the right amount of hydration and nourish my skin. This Belief travel kit, the little name between 19th century herbalist traditions and Korean innovations, has everything you need in one small place. A cleansing gel with a very pleasant gel texture, a tonic cleansing water (which I used before treatment), a cleansing cream with a wearing effect, a facial formula, and a soothing mask for all skin on waking. .”
Mélanie Nauche, Beauty Editor of Vogue France

On The Go Travel Kit, Belif

6. Rosa Novella Cologne, Santa Maria Novella

“I love the small styles of Santa Maria Novella, perfect for traveling. Right now, I’m really loving their Rosa Novella cologne with citrus, fresh and springy notes. Thomas Delage Fashion, Editor and Market Editor French Vogue

Rosa Novella Eau de Cologne

80 €

Santa Maria Novella

7. A small amount of oil, Nuxe

“If there is a product that smells like summer before its time, it is Nuxe’s ​​essential oil, my Proust madeleine. With its incomparable scent and its cleansing properties from the ends of the hair to finger reach, I take it everywhere.
Marie Périer, Editor and editor of French Vogue

The best Nuxe mini oil

8. A solid shampoo, APO French

“Since trying to use a 0 waste method, I have become a real fan of sustainable products. They are also good for going on vacation, when you put them in your bag. Between of the things I can’t get rid of: the APO France solid shampoo, made locally from organic castor oil and sulfate-free. After trying many, I really like this is because, unlike other shampoos of the same type, it actually lathers and softens the hair.
Marie Courtois, head of digital marketing at French Vogue

French AOP Solid Shampoo

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