Artist’s clothing, craftsman’s clothing… Workwear is coming into fashion.

8:00 am, December 3, 2021

They start by letting go of the rope now that they are laying down the cloth. The executives are seeing a new clothing brand: the blue work, this dust jacket used by generations of workers in the factory. What we see in the miners is the change of the Germinal of Zola in France 2 now. Today, we don’t raise our hands much but we put on this coat, or the whole coat of a mechanic or artist. Because of the work and the comfort, of the quality and hold in the French culture, the work class clothes have become a favorite item.

It is in the Parisian Marais, the cradle of “fashion coolness”, that this social movement grew. We have already seen the old days of the business bag that took the lines of the messenger bag under the leadership of Bleu de Chauffe. Hot blue is the name of the blue uniform worn by railway workers.

The essence of French knowledge

The house founded in 2009 by Alexandre Rousseau and Thierry Batteux, two veterans of the sneaker industry, collectors of these must-have designer bags, the leather seat soon settled in the depths of Aveyron. In the rugged region of Saint-Georges-de-Luzençon, the fine leather region, all their designs are inspired by the seasons and are cut, placed and sewn by hand, carved plants in deep and simple tones.

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Sold all over the world, they embody French style and knowledge. “The fact that workwear is not a commodity, explained Elisabeth Prat, head of fashion at the company Peclers. All these products are suitable. They are bound by heritage and sustainability. value. of today’s youth.”

This is the type of overall dress that has become a piece that can be found on the shoulders of everyone, marked by Maison Labiche as Kitsuné, Uniqlo or La Redoute. The proof of its effect is in the new collections of Dior or Vuitton. Its line is not simple, always faithful to the real thing, but makes clothes different from moleskin, this cloth loved by Alexandre Milan bought in 1998 Le Mont St Michel, expert in work clothes since 1913. , has he built an entire locker room.

These clothes suit the values ​​of today’s youth

This winter, it is buttoned up, clearly visible under an open coat. Louise Drouhet anchored the season on “cutting upcycling”. In Paris as in Milan, he returns the results of the roll to the haute couture factories for his brand Soubacq. Depending on the arrival, its unique look is available in Chanel tweed, Saint Laurent Spontini wool or Hermès cashmere. Depending on the duration, each edition sells between 10 and 50 copies, at very reasonable prices (210 euros)…

Different styles of marine workers’ clothing

It’s more kitsch but it’s completely gone, it’s in the table settings of old bistros that La Femme d’intérieur cuts itself. The mechanic jumpsuit is also a big trend, as is Jain’s tracksuit (designed by agnès b.). If a sign, like the artist Adolphe Lafont the overalls, in the view of new ceramists, rise in status in the chic boutiques, work women in virgin wool, gabardine and cotton poplin by Ellozze.

This is certainly not the first time fashion has borrowed its clothes from the fashion world. These include clothes and shoes branded by Levi’s, Carhartt, Caterpillar, Dr. Martens. But today, it’s a real change. “Like in other sectors, we are talking about responsibility, short term, local”, says Sylvain Flet, who bought Le Minor in 2018, a maritime hosiery based in Lorient in 1922.

“With my partner, we stood in front of the technology we saw and did everything to maintain and develop,” he explained. So their collection of sweaters evokes the marine DNA not only in their button on the shoulder but in their weight and their netting. All this clothing of the seamen they refuse. In addition to the kabig, this winter, their moss hat, the style of the Bigouden region, will be proudly placed on the heads of fashionistas and fashionistas in big cities.

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