Adidas tracksuits, Tati shopping bags … When beauty returns to the culture of work classes

A symbolic representation of the class and power hierarchies through the clothes that the fighters against the class lesson fit into a “carnivalesque reversal”, that is, a change, the main thing ( in the sociological sense of the word, the editorial letter) dedicate themselves to a superficial stylistic work to be able to. to imitate those who are raised in appearance, without losing their socio-cultural rights, nor suffering the stigmata historically attached to such works.

And for good reason, they go in and out as easily as a beauty shop (unlike those who advertise them first).

“The tracksuits today are the style (…) but in the past years, the people who wore them were well insulted”, remembers. British photographer Serena Brown at Cleaner29author of the series Back to Yard coming to celebrate the influence of popular culture on nature while pointing out its invisibility.

If you know the value, you will avoid these stereotypes. Now this kind of urban fraud is fundedwith brands and celebrities who think it’s cool in the slum and poorer than you really are”, he criticizes, also pointing out the relative importance of variable geometry clothing.

Just as a man from the lower classes is guilty, he adorns himself with an aura of honor and comfort on the back of a celebrity or a real estate agent. ready

“Black men are scorned and humiliated for wearing pants below the neck (tights, editor) (…) It’s crazy to be considered “ghetto” until they put a price”, announced a Twitter user (@HighestPriestess) about Trompe L’oeil Balenciaga pants, sold for 1190 dollars on the other side of the Atlantic.

The same goes for history Tati bag It was taken by Louis Vuitton or Celine, who saw his interpretations to divide the opinion of the public due to his high price and the nature of fakes.

The source of inspiration for the most important, the historic store of Barbès will close its doors at the end of September 2021, 30 years after Azzedine Alaïa recorded his legendary houndstooth print at the time of a much desired masstige capsule, but its prices. can now enter freely.

“What makes me happy is to associate my name, the world of haute couture, with this brand that is the least of all. Release in 1991.

“I want to do something good for these popular customers, often poor, who can’t afford to buy more.”

A sense of beauty, in short.

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