10 Best Perfumes to Buy on Black Friday

Want to use Black Friday to start your Christmas shopping? Tired of your current scent and want to try something new? It’s the perfect time to try new fragrances and who knows, change the scent permanently or spoil your loved ones on December 25th. This year, the editorial team has compiled its top 10 best perfumes to buy on My-origins.com.

The third beauty site in the French market and has the approval of the most important luxury brands, MyOrigines has been chosen as the first online fragrance store by the UFC Que Choisir. A reliable site, so you can get perfumes, but also care, make-up, hair products and parapharmacy. We show you everything!

Black Friday deals on MyOrigines

Come on from Monday 15 to 28 November 2021. The policy is also simple: from Monday to Friday, 3 discount offers up to -70% on 3 products from different brands given to you. Of course, this offer increases on Saturday and Sunday.

Apart from these flash ads, you are also lucky discounts up to -70% on many products. Bonus and not least: the Free delivery from 49 € of purchases. From the same bottle of perfume depending on the brand you choose. Also, the editorial staff is showing his 10 favorites next to perfumes.

Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain… 10 perfumes for Christmas

Ready to see them? Let’s go !

1 – Life is beautiful from Lancôme, at €60.75 instead of €94.30 (50 ml)

More than a scent, it is a philosophy of life that freed itself from constraints and order. A scent that inspires us independence and new challenges, while leaving yourself. A perfect balance in between iris, patchouli and some musicians.

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2 – The little black dress from Guerlain, at €64 instead of €94.90 (50 ml)

A powerful and irresistible fragrance. We love his A legendary, feminine and contemporary bottle. On the fragrance side, we enjoy the combination ofalmond, red berries, rose, tonka beans and bergamot. The whole, sublimated by black tea.

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3 – Freedom by Yves Saint Laurent, at €49.31 (30 ml)

A firefly that is intended for a independent woman who lives according to her will. On the olfactory side: the audacity of lavender France together with the heat of the Moroccan orange blossom. All in all, inspired by the incandescent side of thewild orchid.

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4 – Patchouli from Reminiscence Paris, at €25 (30 ml)

The smell of berries strong and independent woman. You will enjoy the messages from patchouli, Virginia cedar, Australian sandalwood as well as vetiver from Haiti.

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5 – Twilly from Hermès, at €43.33 (30 ml)

A Film bottles that are deceptive in size. We love the neutrality of the ginger combined with the disturbing tuberose. A charming eau de parfum eau de parfum. The perfect Christmas present!

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6 – Angel from Mugler, at €97.78 (100ml)

confident and seductive, The Mugler woman is led by her famous blue star. He is a perfumer the perfume can be refilled. Bergamot, praline, patchouli … an irresistible olfactory trio.

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7 – Blue from Chanel, at €67.50 (50 ml)

The perfume for men par excellence. A A strong woody scent that opens up sweat, brightened by sandalwood from New Caledonia. The Chanel man uses perfume where the skin is warm: on the hands and neck.

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8 – Bad people by Dior, at €40 (30 ml)

Another fragrance meant for men (you can break the codes if you want) Whatever you give will make the year much more enjoyable. Like a strong and fresh breath, eau de toilette Bad people a true poet for a true man who wants to dare.

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9 – The man by Jean-Paul Gaultier, at €34.95 (40ml)

A so-called men’s fragrance was immediately recognized thanks to its iconic bottle. A A magnetic perfume that seduces with its unique composition made of different ingredients. Traditions and courage, power and body, freshness and taste.

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10 – One million by Paco Rabanne, at €42.62 (50 ml)

Let’s finish our selection with this men’s fragrance intended for men who love danger and beauty. And never stop listening to others, regardless of their wishes and dreams. A fragrance for the basement.

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Of course, these 10 spices aren’t the only ones you’ll love. For Christmas and throughout the year, we invite you to discover the best offer of perfumes, make-up, body and hair care and parapharmacy at My-origins.com.

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