Work on lighting at the Chanel Métiers d’Arts 2021 show at 19M

If Haute-Couture remains a podium where the quality and strength of craftsmanship is expressed in fashion, Chanel Works founded by Karl Lagerfeld in 2002, aims to show the thinness of the border between fashion and art.

With the Métiers d’Art parade, it is not only the designer that is put forward, but also the knowledge of the producers and the extent of the French heritage. This year it is at 19M, where it joins the French manufacturers are betterin which the car of the beautiful French house was kept.

Chanel Métiers d’Arts 2021: a lesson in style

If some people wonder why the business is so popular, we are tempted to answer: because of that. For its ability to provide dreamy moments and wonders like those seen in the past Chanel Métiers d’Art exhibition for almost twenty years.

Because if fashion has slowed down the pace of its collections in recent years, this show will remind everyone how important it is to have well-made clothes. , which is made, but it is beautiful and the quality of the hand.

My desire is to represent each House well, but in a different way. – Virginie Viard

In addition to this one-year stand, the 19M, a new space dedicated to the works of art proposed by Karl Lagerfeld, the director of the house for 36 years, will have the work of demonstrating the quality of French craftsmanship. Between these walls with a modern design, an ancient experience can be found. The embroiderers Lesage, the Atelier Montex, the goldsmith Goossens, the hatmaker Maison Michel, the furrier Lemarié, the tailor Lognon, or the bootmaker Massaro.

The collection presented that day honored them. “I want each model, drawn by another artist, to represent one of the Maisons d’art and develop a small story inspired by an image of CHANEL.”, explains Virginie. Viard in an announcement sent to the press.

A strong, eclectic and much-loved collection by the fashion director of the house of Chanel. 59 silhouettes that look “very urban while still being subtle, including tweed jackets with long sleeves, graffiti-style embroideries in laces by Lesage, bermuda sets in voluminous knit pink and pa’ complex, and open underwear. in-house style, such as Montex, graphic and silver sequins”.

Because in this the Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show is a great event: it shows how the technical skills can manage with energy the beautiful things of today and tomorrow.

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