Women Swear By ‘Vabbing’, Using Secrets Like ‘DIY Perfume’

Feeling a little stuck in the single seat? Try vape.

The most recent thing about the marriage of “vagina” and “dabbing,” as the name suggests, involves the use of secret substances such as perfume. Supposedly, the new love potion attracts mates because of the pheromones it contains – or so vab women’s groups believe.

On TikTok, #vabbing has about 682,000 views, many with images of women experimenting with makeshift perfume.

One woman said that men kept looking at her while they were having sex. Some have called the hack “genius”.

“I promise if you get people, like a date, one night or get free drinks all night,” said TikToker Mandy Lee, @oldloserinbrooklyn, in a photo with 1.4 million ideas. “Woods should have learned how to vabb before crouching and hitting. It’s better. »

Since vabbing wasn’t included in “Legally Blonde,” Lee took it upon herself to teach the women how. “Get up” and slide, he said, signaling with his index and middle fingers. Then go to town and book. He ran his fingers behind his ears, on his wrists and on his neck.

“Proceed with caution – because it works,” he continued in the photo, adding that he learned the method from the podcast “Secret Keepers Club” hosted by comedians Carly Aquilino and Emma Willmann.

Krystal’s TikToker Kulture called the scent “DIY Perfume.”

Although it may have been founded by comics in 2018, vabbing entered the mainstream in 2019, when author Shan Boodram championed the scent.

But it is not as it seems. The idea behind vabbing is that there are pheromones in the secretions, which make you attractive to partners – although there is a lack of official studies on the effect of odors on the adultery. people, Healthline reports.

In 2021, Egyptian researchers concluded that previous studies of pheromone phenomena were “weak”, noting that, unlike most other mammals, humans have “large brains and complex” where pheromones come into play.

According to Lee’s video, some TikTokers wanted to swipe right and others didn’t buy it.

“I have time, but I’ll try,” wrote one user.

“What’s in gwyneth paltrow??” some joke.

“Bestie, you’re telling me to drink my beef jerky like Chanel no. 5?” some scoffed.

Also called “vabbing,” it’s the act of putting water on your body as a partner.

Although there are pheromone scents on the market, Lee said in the comments that the money spent on these things has been wasted, because commercial concoctions can’t reproduce the real thing. It’s easier and more realistic to use your own juices, but not everyone wants to know this intimate secret.

Lydia Dupra, who is no stranger to the power of pheromones as CEO of Heaux Cosmetics, finds the phenomenon “disgusting”. Even hugging a friend, he said, it would be strange if he saw his own juices on him.

“If you want to put your own secrets on you, that’s your right,” said Dupra, whose cosmetics line includes a pheromone scent, said in a photo with more than 47,000 views. “I personally think it’s disgusting.”

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