What perfume would you give your Jules?

Gift ideas for men: classic perfumes

If you want to please him, stick to the best perfumes. Among them, we find eau de toilette Dior Sauvage and its fresh scent of peppery bergamot, the Bleu de Chanel with a pleasant woody or warm scent Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss. For the insolently handsome, iconic gentleman 1 million o Paco Rabanne to suit the weather Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Get along well with a man and a woman to share your life with.

Buy it Sauvage Eau de Toilette, Dior56.40 euros instead of 70.50 euros.

Buy it Eau de Parfum Blue by Chanel, Chanel88.50 euros instead of 118 euros.

Buy it Eau de Toilette, Hugo Boss61.50 euros instead of 82 euros.

Buy it 1 Million Eau de Toilette, Paco Rabanne53.59 euros instead of 66.99 euros.

Buy it Eau de Toilette Le Man, Jean Paul Gaultier52 euros instead of 65 euros.

Valentine’s Day: time to try new fragrances

If your husband is adventurous by nature, he will thrive on discovering new fragrances. For this, we advise you to choose a perfume that represents him for an ultra personalized gift. Athletes will fall for the eau de parfum Point Point from Lacoste while visitors love the invitation to escape offered by the eau de toilette Acqua Di Gio by Armani. For perfumes, we rely on brands like Bulgaria Where Marly’s perfumes and their Man Terrae Essence and his Terraes or Percival and his Sweet Tree. If your other half shows virility and passion, Lempicka Man from Lolita Lempicka It suits him perfectly, we have no doubt.

Buy it Eau de Toilette Acqua Di Gio, Armani71.25 euros instead of 95 euros.

Buy it Match Point Eau de Parfum, Lacoste69 euros.

Buy it Man Terrae Essence Eau de Parfum, Bulgari87 euros.

Buy it Percival Eau de Parfum, Parfums de Marly168 euros.

Buy it Lempicka Homme Eau de Toilette, Lolita Lempicka46.49 euros instead of 61.99 euros.

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