What are the best men’s fragrances this year?

The three best men’s perfumes of 2021 from French labels. (Photo: Getty Images)

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As with perfume, there are trends and hits. This year, three men’s fragrances stood out.

“A woman without perfume is a woman without a future”, confirms Coco Chanel. Half a century after the designer’s death, his message still holds true. For women, yes. But for men too! Every day or for special occasions, some are decorated with fruits and sweets. Others with peppery or woody notes. There are many options, but some fragrances stand out.

2021 is coming and it’s time to book. And on the beauty side, the latter is better. Despite the long difficult months due to the health crisis, the French are far from abandoning their perfume bottle. Even better, the best men’s perfumes are signed by the great French houses. Chanel, Dior and Hermès seem to have a choice in the hearts of the latter.

Do you want or look for a perfume to give to a man around you, without being sure to go wrong? Here are the top 3 best men’s perfumes in 2021.



True respect for male freedom, Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum is timeless and unusual. It is appropriate for each person to reject inequality, who proves himself and frees himself from all codes. The fragrance is woody with amber and musky notes. Dry cedar wood and amber bring sensuality and voluptuousness. While the musky woody notes and sandal give it beauty and depth.

Order: €100.30 or €118 for 100ml at Sephora.fr



Through its eau de parfum inspired by the desert sunset, the house of Dior wants to promote an exoticism and oriental tones. Between the vanilla and amber woody background, Sauvage is fresh and strong. Strength and flexibility. But above all: very masculine.

Order: €70.55 instead of €83 for 60ml at Sephora.fr



What is the most interesting thing about Terre d’Hermès eau de toilette? The intensity of citrus fruit and pepper combined with the note of flint. We appreciate its notes of orange and grape, patchouli and cedar, but also vetiver and benzoin. Terre d’Hermès tells the story of man’s relationship with the world, his humble and harmonious dialogue with nature and things. It is the perfume that connects a person to his source, to the sources of his creative power.

Order: From €72 at Sephora.fr

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