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Classic perfume boxes for men: these are the best bottles

Consider this scenario: on Christmas day, you give your father, your grandfather or your brother the perfume that everyone loves. But when he opens his gift, a smile spreads across his face. That’s it, the spices, it’s not his thing. With the end of the year celebration approaching, this anecdote can make you laugh (or worry you, it depends), but it often happens when you choose a single product. So, to do something flawless this season and make someone happy, we have a miracle solution: the wake box. With that, we are almost satisfied, the two products contained in the same container are different. Whether the man in your life is loyal or cool, we have found this selection of the most sought-after boxes of the moment… And one thing stands out: you will find the one that suits 100% the man you want to satisfy.

• Dior Homme Dior Box, €81 instead of €108. Find out here.

• Paco Rabanne Phantom Eau De Toilette Set, €73.50 instead of €98. Find out here.

• Paco Rabanne Invictus eau de toilette + deodorant box, €62.65 instead of €89.50. Find out here.

• Le Male Jean Paul Gaultier Eau De Toilette Set, €69.75 instead of €93. Find out here.

• Yves Saint Laurent box Eau De Parfum, €63 instead of €84. Find out here.

• Eau Sauvage Dior gift box, €81 instead of €108. Find out here.

Perfume: top brands for men, at low prices

As always, because no time, the perfume box is the biggest star under the French trees this season. But the real problem lies in choosing the right box. How not to be mistaken? Which brand to choose? What products do you buy the most? Our first advice is almost obvious: look for clues about its nature. If he is mystery and magicwe give you the box Dior Homme by Dior composed of an eau de toilette (100 ml), a travel brush (10 ml) and a liquid gel (50 ml). If it’s too big, check the size box 1 million Paco Rabanne. With its eau de toilette and deodorant, this golden box seems to have been designed for men who like to go out, rock and dance until the end of the night. For quieter and more introverted personalities, we have what you need. Security Lacoste L.12 12 It is the best choice for normal men and women. And stay with the times, the box Land of hermes (Complete with 75ml perfume, 12.5ml mini perfume and 40ml aftershave lotion) is a smart choice. With its spicy and dry notes, it will succeed in reconnecting your man to his pure relationship with nature and its things. There is nothing better than forcing him to take you on a journey to the end of the world, who knows.

• Hoggar Perfumed Box – 50ml Yves Rocher, €19.95 instead of €37.30. Find out here.

• Eau de parfum + aftertaste + small bottle Terre d’Hermès Hermès, €79.10 instead of €113. Find out here.

• Azzaro Chrome Azzaro eau de toilette + shampoo box, €41.99 instead of €59.99. Find out here.

• Paco Rabanne 1 million bottle 150 ml, €69.24 instead of €96. Find out here.

• Eau de Lacoste L.12 12 Lacoste box, €48 instead of €81.90. Find out here.

• Hugo Boss Bottled Box, €61.74. Find out here.

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