Ten alleged robbers of Chanel and Chopard dealer in court Tuesday

Back, Tuesday, before the Paris Assize Court, for ten suspected robbers who are believed to have participated, to varying degrees, in the theft of work on December 11, 2015 at the famous jeweler Chopard in Place Vendôme in Paris, then, May 19, 2016, at the Chanel store on the most beautiful avenue Montaigne.

The trial that was originally opened on October 6, 2020 was terminated after one of the defendants was diagnosed with Covid-19..

The ten men were charged with robbery in an organized group with weapons, criminal association and concealment of robbery in an organized group. Their trial is scheduled to end on January 21, 2022.

The first robbery since 2015 against Chopard

The first robbery was committed on the Shop Chopard near the Élysée a few weeks after the attack of November 13 and in the middle of a crisis situation. A criminal, wearing a latex mask and armed, came to the store and opened the windows of the two employees, after threatening them.

He stole watches and jewelry from a worth about one million euros, according to the complaint. The man left on foot before crashing into one of three cars parked nearby by co-workers.

A second robbery in 2016 at Chanel

At least seven weapons entered this robbery pit in May 2016. They broke the Chanel Fashion Store of the Rue Montaigne in Paris. They carry it around two million euros worth of jewelry and watches after defeating three security guards and two saleswomen.

Criminals got it break the windows open before running, by car or bus.

of the The stolen watches and jewelry were not found.

Two robbers for one group

According to the researchers, these two robbers are “vfair enough“made by the same people. These men, now between 28 and 41 years old, for one, childhood friend or family.

Clues lead to the suspect

According to the complaint, at least three of the accused in the theft, which took place between January and May 2016, five luxury 4×4 Range-Rovers. These cars are often sold for 5,000 euros in cash.

A collection of weapons and fingerprints

The trial was reported in May 2016 and storage of weapons and explosives hidden in a car kept in the yard of an old woman’s house in Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis). This woman agreedto serve“Totally ignorant of what a BMW car looks like inside.

Investigators from the Banditry Repression Brigade were widely known two kilos of explosives, two Kalashnikov-style assault rifles, ammunition (hidden in Tupperware-style containers) and a defensive grenade. DNA fingerprints of two of the accused were found on these weapons.

The car is seen after the Brink’s carjacking

One of the accused is believed to be behind the theft, in June 2016 in Noisy-le-Grand (Seine-Saint-Denis), of an unmarked vehicle from the Brink’s cash handling company.

This car, which was closely followed before it was stolen by a white car with glass windows, was located in a Short bag full with 20,500 euros in small quantities.

The Brink’s car was found abandoned and empty 400 meters from the scene of the theft. Investigators found that the vehicle following Brink’s car was similar to the one used in the Chopard store robbery.

A chatbot

Above all, for this Brink’s car robbery, the the sound of the car of one of the suspects The police department stores have been able to learn a criminal strategy at a higher level.

the the alleged theft of Brink’s car was detailed like four days later.

Some of the contents of the bag were later found during a search of the houses of two of the accused.

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