Stella Belmondo: Jean-Paul’s daughter on vacation in Ibiza, her shot on the beach turns the Internet on!

After a few months the death of his father, Stella Belmondo is smiling again. In her last book, the beautiful blonde published pictures of him take time off. A print that is clearly visible to internet users.

She is currently enjoying her summer vacation in Ibiza

Before his death, Jean-Paul Belmondo left good boy. That’s what we’re calling for “Bible to a girl named Stella Belmondo. It was the fruit of his romance with Natty Tardivel.

today, Stella is almost 19 years old and trying to continue his life after the death of his father. Like all young girls of her age, the youngest daughter of the actor Very active on social media. Of course, she is not like the daughters of Johnny Hallyday, but Stella always spreads information there.

Also, this is what the beautiful blonde did on July 31, 2022. On holiday in Ibiza, the girl had the opportunity to go to the beach and take some pictures. From the pictures posted by Stella, we can see her outfita white officer a a colorful coat.

Bebel sits in front of the beach, Bebel’s daughter looks just beautiful on her post. In a short time, his announcement There are thousands of likes and some subscribers said.

“You are beautiful looking at the blue ocean”, “The most beautiful”, “A beautiful angel”, we can read.

Tristan Garnier-Labadie, the son of the owners of the Taj villa in Marrakech, reply to the post by Stella Belmondo.

“The serenade,” he wrote.

Stella Belmondo: her career

Born August 13, 2003, Stella Belmondo also works the world of show business. Thanks to her beauty, the beautiful blonde was able to make her name in modeling.

In March 2022, she was widely recognized for the Chanel show during Fashion Week. Note that he works with this brand for 3 years now.

For this event, Stella Belmondo wore it a red dress, jeans and some necklaces. A look in harmony with internet users. Despite being the daughter of a major producer, Stella Belmondo became an actress. He works, of course, in the middle of the seventh film since he was young.

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Apart from those things, the girl too is interested in horse riding. At the same time, Stella Belmondo is looking for scholarships. He received a diploma from the Jeannine Manuel International School, late. Obviously, Belmondo’s youngest daughter is as talented as her late father.

Remember his last breath September 8, 2021. He died after a stroke that he fought from 2001 until his death.

He left later all his children, with Florence and Paul, born in his relationship with Elodie Constantin and Stella Belmondo. Remember, the actor has a daughter named Patricia.

Stella Belmondo in a relationship with a “child”?

Since the birth of their daughter, Stella Belmondo and Natty Tardivel have done everything for the protect the media. So it’s natural that today, Stella Belmondo wants to keep her personal life private.

So, we don’t know if it is roast or not. However, the beautiful blonde has been seen with others “child of”on the Internet. This is Joaluka, the son of Yannick Noa. The latter is the youngest of the famous family of five children and owns the father a tennis legend.

Indeed, Joaluks celebrated his 18th birthday. This time he and his friends in a Parisian apartment. The teenager posted some pictures of his birthday party, and in one of them, we see him with Stella Belmondo.

When they were in bed, Joanluks and Stella it seems to be related in the picture. Maybe they are a couple and that’s itan easy friend? Time will tell. However, what is clear is that the two youngsters enjoyed this party.

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