PHOTO The death of Gaspard Ulliel: the touching wink during the Chanel parade

It has been almost a week since the death of Gaspard Ulliel. And this Tuesday, January 25, it was at the Chanel show that was given in honor of him, by the famous haute couture house that he has been the face of the men’s perfume since 2010.

37 years old. This is the year Gaspard Ulliel died on Wednesday January 19. The day beforeGaëlle Pietri’s partner was the victim of a skiing accident while he was living in the Alps with his family. The actor collided with a skier, who was not injured. Emergency services remained on site for an hour, before taking Gaspard Ulliel to Grenoble University Hospital. Suffering a headache, the interpretation of Hannibal Lecter but did not survive the disaster. A death that plunged French cinema into deep mourning. From the announcement of the death of Gaspard Ullielthe charms are increasing.

In addition to Jean Dujardin, Guillaume Canet, Jean Castex or Lily-Rose Depp, there is also Isabelle Huppert who spoke to honor the memory of the interpreter of Yves Saint Laurent. “He is an actor and an innocent person. He has the characteristics of a person who has a longer life span, which is youth. I know him, he is 23 years old, Gaspard. He played my son in A barrage against the Pacific. The fat, the smart, the easy… I don’t have enough words to truly express what a wonderful person he is. His disappearance was very upsetting.”, said the caesarean actress C to you January 24th.

Very symbolic flowers

But Orso’s father was not just an actor. It is also the beautiful face of the fragrance Bleu de Chanel from 2010. So, at the time of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, the famous house paid tribute to Gaspard Ulliel during the exhibition on Tuesday 25 January. It’s inside the Grand Palais Ephemerebetween the Champ de Mars and the Ecole Militaire where the event took place.

That’s right Chanel’s bride, which was commissioned to bring tribute to the actor. There is no big announcement or speech, but a simple cluster of blue camellias. “At the end of the parade, in front of La Terrasse restaurant, we are told that this is Virginie Viard’s tribute to Gaspard Ulliel”, show Vanity Fair. A wise, fitting tribute to the man Gaspard Ulliel.

Marshal Aurore/ABACA

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