Parfums Dior: the house is re-introducing 3 beautiful fragrances that we want to wear this summer.

This word comes fromEdmond Roudnitskaabout Diorissimo founded in 1956, inspired me a lot: “This perfume is also special because it is the result of a revolution that took place in my mind. I understand that since the beginning of the century, most perfumers, however successful they may be, have been dominated by a sense of closeness to food. To reduce the harmfulness of new chemical additives, we have used a lot of notes to cover them, such as vanillin, and crystallized bodies that favor the powder effect we used. and tortured. I have drawn a line under the most common things and I have created Diorissimo with a new complexity, an unknown technique.“I can say the same today. I will only replace “vanillin” with “ethyl-maltol”. We know that we are in the era of sugar, and we are going out. The question: In what way? I want to be involved in storytelling, and choose the stories I tell myself. This is what touched me the most.

Why did you decide to start your journey at Dior by relaunching three colognes from the past?

The idea of ​​re-launching these three fragrances came through a series of stepped thoughts. Which convinced me they weren’t that old. The artistic concept is beautiful, think: re-release the established works, it’s very beautiful. This box is an indication of the direction I want to take the Private Collection.
And finally, in a very slow perfume development schedule (counting between 18 and 24 months before starting a perfume, after production) is a good choice It starts with these available colognes. I want to start the box in March, during Fashion Week ready, but there is business time. You have to weigh the spices, get the raw materials in the warehouse, then they have to mature, macerate… And I’m just impatient.

Tell us the story of the three colognes that make up this new box: Eau Noire, Cologne Blanche and Bois d’Argent.

The collection was launched in 2004 to represent the three main flowers in perfumery: iris, orange blossom and lavender. These are the three Dior flowers, because they are in the 18th century, the reference century of Monsieur Dior. Lavender, because it is one of the sources of cologne. Orange blossom, because it was the favorite flower of Louis XIV. And the iris, because it is the symbol of the powder, which is used to smell the wigs. At that time, we were asked to make these flowers with a sense of overdose and insolence. An overdose involves, of course, a form of insolence: pushing an addict to his limits.

Originally, these colognes were designed for men. Today, gender is no longer a question… How do you explain this change in thinking?


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