“Our commitment is to continue to inspire and encourage young people to come to these businesses”

Not listed on the stock market and not covered by an investment bank, Chanel opened several accounts last year, seeing in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic a fall of its turnover of 18%, to 10 billion euros. But the beautiful house has also announced investments in the construction, to the tune of one billion euros. In the middle of Fashion Week, the president of Chanel answered questions from franceinfo.

franceinfo: How is Chanel after two years of the global pandemic?

Bruno Pavlovsky: A little bit of shopping, of course, we love the house and we love the things we wear. Today, there is real interest in our stores from our local customers. A collection, a product, a story to create something very special with the brand.

What would the house be without Karl Lagerfeld, who has worn Chanel for 35 years?

But Virginie Viard is in the house, so talented! He has a real vision for the brand and so his opinion is a little different, but interesting. And our customers love what Virginie does.

Are you managing to stay engaged, despite the situation?

We go there, of course, not enough. Younger people are more likely, as a third of our workforce is under 30 years old. And our real commitment is to be able to continue to inspire and encourage young people to enter and go into these industries.

Is beauty the only way to export to France?

I don’t think it’s the only way, but as President Macron said, there is a power of France today through these companies, linked by these products that add to production, know-how and tools. And that’s what makes the beauty shine on the outside. Therefore, it is important that we can continue to develop everything.

Chanel is a global company, present in many countries, in business sectors. And so it’s important that from our headquarters in London, all of this is organized, with a new chief executive. This is a new step in the development of the brand, very appropriate, given the amount that all these represent.

What does it mean to lose a muse like Gaspard Ulliel, who died last Wednesday?

First, there is a lot of stress. Gaspard has been close to home for many years. He is very kind, very friendly, very cultured. Of course, it’s a loss for Chanel, but for now, let’s think about her, her family and her friends, before thinking about what we can do after her. But of course, you don’t spend twelve years with someone without making unique connections. And it’s always a shame to lose like that.

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