Mission (not) impossible: Find the perfect gift for her

Food delights

This year, don’t take the easy way out. Go and knock on the doors of a deli in order to (try to) awaken Mr. with sweet and healthy products. The Truffle Lover gift box for truffle lovers can hit the mark!

Truffle Love, Oil & Vinegar, €58.65

funny shoes

Forget the slipper and old shoe. And if you want a funny and funny print? If Monsieur has the spirit of a child, you can get a pair of classic shoes. There is something for everyone, even for adults. Besides making the guests laugh (and annoying some pigs!), they are very friendly and warm!

Long Calf Boots, €26.95

Merry christmas!

Founded in 1930, Gordon Xmas established the tradition of Christmas cuvées. For Christmas season, Gordon wears his festive clothes. Its soft aroma contrasts with the ruby ​​red of the beer and melts in the mouth like whites in the sun. Don’t forget to fall under the tree!

Gordon’s Christmas Book: 4 Christmas bottles + 1 Christmas glass, €14.50

It is fragrant (good smell)

Do you want to give a good gift and not end the 2ndmain the next day? So don’t give a Scorpio perfume or Adidas box… Giving a man a perfume is not easy. Nowadays, it is not easy for a person to find what he likes like perfume. So, you need to choose a scent that you like. Among the men’s perfumes that women love are Terre d’Hermès, Boss by Hugo Boss or Eau Sauvage by Dior.

Terre d’Hermès 100 ml, about €100

When the music is good

Looking for a gift that combines nostalgia and technology and appeals to music lovers? Why not turn to a new turntable? Don’t go looking for a model from the last century. There are new models that do more than turn records like the Lenco LS-300, beautiful with its wooden finish and perfect with its built-in speakers.

Lenco LS-300, 149 €

A treat for the ears

Whether it’s for Zoom meetings, listening to music or watching Netflix, headphones have become a necessity. Little known, the Danish brand Epos offers headphones with a unique and beautiful design, an impeccable finish and excellent sound. Equipped with a magnetic microphone and can be recorded, it can be connected to a PC, tablet, phone or any game console through its cable jack.

Closed EPOS H6Pro, €179


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