Laura Harrier: her beauty secrets

Big press day in Los Angeles. 8:30 pm, French time, until our time: behind his curtain, Laura Harrier Happy and smiling, ready to go back to his shooting star tour. In the house of Hugo Bossthey’ve seen her Lady Boss styles before us, and named her new fragrance ambassador. The Aroma. To our great delight.

Who is Laura Harrier?

Whether it’s for Cosmo US or a L’Oréal ad, it just works for this young girl born in 1990 in Chicago. Far from imagining a career on glossy paper, he dares to admit that he doesn’t really like this experience. He wants to play. He dropped everything and flew to New York to take acting lessons at the William Esper Studio.

From casting to casting, she did not let go, until 2017 she joined the Marvel world to play the character of Liz Tooms in the blockbuster. Spiderman Homecoming. Five years later, he can add to his CV to climb the steps in Cannes, in 2018, with BlackKkKlansman: I joined the Ku Klux Klan by Spike Lee – his favorite director since his youth – where he played the leader of the Black Panthers in the 1970s. Two years later, he won the Netflix series. Hollywood.

Laura Harrier is the ambassador of a Hugo Boss fragrance

Lady Boss is a girl who is opinionated, independent and good in her shoes. A new Laura Harrier job? Ambassador of Perfume The perfume for Him, with Jacob Elordi. “When they asked me to be the face of The Scent, I was so happy, I immediately accepted!”

More than an advertisement, introducing the Boss woman is a concept: the expression of a strong, intelligent, beautiful and confident black woman. “A good launch, and a scent I love, raw and sweet, orange blossom and oak.”

Dressed up or super glam, a look at her Instagram account @lauraharrier is enough to realize that she is a beautiful person, proud to wear one of Virgil Abloh’s new creations or to join the Emotional Black team . health issues in the African-American community.

The actress, muse, girl at heart, has managed to create a community of 1.1 million followers, who follow her life like fashion. “If I can have a platform to give a voice to those who don’t have one, I don’t want to do it lightly.”

Laura Harrier: her beauty tips

Laura Harrier followed the advice of her mother, her role model: drink water all the time and especially when you’re not thirsty, remove makeup before bed, and do a yoga session It’s good to think. Nothing revolutionary, common sense.

Laura Harrier: her five favorite beauty products

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