Here are the best perfumes of the year according to the experts and the public –

Conceived as the incarnation of modern man, H24 by Hermès is the best perfume for men of the year 2022. In one case, it was awarded twice by the jury of the Fragrance Foundation, in France and with the world.

The public, who could choose their best perfumes of the year, chose to honor the new creations of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Le Male On Board and Scandal.

The Fragrance Foundation Awards, the Oscars of perfumery

The Fragrance Foundation France is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2022. Created by experts from the beauty industry and led by Philippe Ughetto, this foundation is a member of the International Fragrance Foundations (United States, United Kingdom, Canada , Italy, Germany, Dubai. , Australia, Russia, India and Japan). The Fragrance Foundation Awards (formerly known as the FiFi Awards) are presented every year and are considered the Oscars of Perfumery and therefore the results of this group should be closely watched!

In the world, H24 by Hermès and Sauvage Elixir by Christian Dior were honored a few weeks ago.. For the French court, 15 prizes are awarded every year, as well as the “Special 30th Anniversary Prize” in 2022, which rewards “a perfumer with a unique career”, in terms of olfactory work. and aesthetics or art. .

Among all these awards, the jury of experts (composed of brands, manufacturers, suppliers, advertisers and media players) gives 6 prizes zero:

  • The best men’s perfume bottle
  • The best women’s perfume bottle
  • The best masculine version of a perfume
  • The best feminine version of an existing perfume
  • Best male cast ever
  • Better Women’s Startup

The journalists also selected the 3 best fragrances of the year (Best fragrance from a large brand collection, Best fragrance from a related brand, Best fragrance from an independent brand) and the also publicized his speech for 5 different awards:

  • The best fragrance “Other Circuits”,
  • The best masculine version of a perfume
  • The best feminine version of an existing perfume
  • Best male cast ever
  • Better Women’s Startup

What are the best perfumes on offer in 2022?

And although the perfumer is sometimes criticized for not doing enough to protect the environment, the Fragrance Foundation France has chosen to honor the brands that really work in this area. The new 2022 award (which will pay for a new supply of raw materials, eco-design and the promotion of local knowledge) has been awarded to Rivières de Cartier.

H24, best new fragrance of the year

Experts, for their part, have praised Girl de Rochas as the best advertisement of a women’s perfume and H24 d’Hermès, The Newest Men’s Fragrances of the Year.

Although herbal perfumes are legion among men, the Parisian house prefers to play the herbal card for this purpose. A way to give light and water to the scent as explained by Christine Hagel, Hermès founder.

To translate this, sage is accompanied by narcissus and rosewood, before a note of sclarene, a molecule that leaves a metallic and warm trail.

Eau de toilette H24 Hermès: from €64 at Sephora

Paco Rabanne’s robot has paid off

The jury was also out Paco Rabanne’s Phantom, awarded the Best Male Bottle Award. The little robot hit the button, with its connected hat, to allow access to a “valuable information” through its phone. With 50% of the vote, Phantom is better than its competitors H24 from Hermès, Scandal from Jean-Paul Gaultier and C’est Paris! by Carvan.
In the women’s category, it was A Drop by Issey who won the day. The new Issey Miyake eau de parfum features a stunning “round” design, an “extended bottle” designed to allow you to focus on the style.

We have to point out the award for the best masculine version of a perfume available Kenzo Mena very pleasant fragrance by Quentin Bisch that reinterprets a work from 1991, when Twilly Eau Ginger was awarded by Hermès for the women’s category.

Phantom by Paco Rabanne: from €56.50 at Nocibé
Phantom Paco Rabanne eau de toilette for men

The best niche perfumes at Caron, BDK and Liquides Imaginaires

In the niche fragrance segment, City Hall Paper it was chosen as the best perfume from a big brand collection. It is a very aromatic liquid that proudly presents the black pepper from Madagascar, as its name suggests.

David Benedek, who told you so much in Masculin, knows that his work has paid off for his eau de parfum Velvet Tonka. The perfume, developed by Alexandra Carlin, was voted the best perfume from an independent brand, a well-deserved award in our opinion!

Finally, White Animal, the perfume from Liquides Imaginaires, received the award for Best Niche Perfume from a related brand. A composition from a house that we strongly invite you to discover.

Tabs from Caron: €220 at Nose Paris
Velvet Tonka: €180 at BDK Parfums
Blanche Bête by Liquides Imaginaires: €250 at Jovoy

Gaultier perfumes are admired by the masses

As explained above, the public also has a say in the Fragrance Foundation France awards. And we see in the list of famous perfumes, including the new version of Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Man On Boardawarded as the best men’s version of an existing perfume, and Miss Dior eau de parfum, honored in the women’s category.

Le Male Above the Table: from €65.90 at Marionnaud

Among the innovations of the year, if H24 proves to the professionals, the public will like The curse of… Jean-Paul Gaultier ! Believe that the same bottle is pre-selected. In the women’s category, however, we see the same success, with Girl de Rochas.

Finally, the public chose to pay Demon in Love by Eau Jeune, called “best perfume Other Circuits”.

Scandal by Jean-Paul Gaultier: from €64.80 at Sephora
Scandal Gaultier Newest Perfume of the Year

Angel de Mugler, a fragrance with a unique journey

As mentioned above, this 2022 event of the Fragrance Foundation France Awards is also an opportunity to reward “a perfumer with a unique career”, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the teacher

And in this little game, Angel de Mugler is the chosen one. A gift that is more symbolic for the famous star perfumer is its creator, Thierry Mugler, who passed away at the beginning of the year..

Apart from its iconic bottle, this perfume really shook up the codes of perfumery when it was launched in 1992. Thirty years later, it is still (or almost ) and is one of the best selling women’s perfumes every year!

Angel Mugler Eau de Parfum: from €85 at Sephora
Angel Mugler fragrance

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