At € 1,859, the Apple Watch Series 7 reaches a high point thanks to Hermès

Now that pre-orders are open, Apple has finally provided more details on the Apple Watch Series 7, priced from €429. This compares well with the SE and Series 3 which are still very affordable prices, but the differences with the Series 6 are smaller.

There is something for every taste.

We already know that the 41 or 45 mm cases offer a display panel that is about 20% larger than the 40 or 44 mm cases of previous generations. We now have confirmation that the Series 7 has an S7 chip and isn’t faster than the S6 in the Series 6 – after all?

Apple announced the S7 “up to 20% faster than Apple Watch SE S5”, but it’s the same for the S6. The number change is undoubtedly due to the support of a new satellite positioning system, namely the Chinese Beidou. In any case, this is the only notable change to the technical information sheet.

Comparison: Apple Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch Series 6

Comparison: Apple Watch Series 7 vs Apple Watch Series 6

We expected, but the Series 7 comes with a fast charging cable to USB-C (sold 35 € separately). Thanks to it, it is 33% faster than the Series 6. The double MagSafe box is not compatible with the quick charge of the Series 7, now it is indicated on its product sheet.

In the aluminum models, the silver and gray colors are replaced by star (color with a gold drop, called “polar star” in the configurator) and midnight (lighter in before the gray sidereal). There is no color change for stainless steel tanks.

At the time of this launch, you can order the most expensive bracelet in history (of the Apple Watch): €899 for the beautiful (?) 41 mm fauve barénia double tour bracelet signed Hermès . An accessory that goes very well with the Hermès number holder for AirTag at € 699 if you have bought it in time.

The result of this bracelet is not given: the Apple Watch in stainless steel is sold with prices in the pure amount of 1,859 €, the highest price available for a “normal” reference. We remember the first Apple Watch Edition in gold from € 11,000, but that’s something else…

Finally, for the purchase of an Apple Watch (Series 7 or ​​others), you will get three months without Fitness +, Apple’s fitness service available at the end of the year in France.


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