A facial is a must-have for your beauty routine! Imagine a classic multi-faceted citrus fruit!

The usual practice is to take care of the normal face that starts from removing the make-up and cleansing the impurities that are trapped by the external pollution on our skin. Creating the right eye care routine involves choosing the right products. This article raises the bar on a small yellow fruit of Asian origin, commonly known as the Japanese lemon. Imagine the multi-faceted citrus fruit!

A citrus fruit as a protagonist in eye care

The bigger the human body, the better the rest of the skin, and for good reason. Cleansing and cleaning it are common remedies, but feeding and protecting it without errors is the most important aspect of ancient eye care. Given the high level of vitamin C, citrus fruits are part of our daily life starting with breakfast and the best food sources to strengthen the immune system.

natural eye care that is the cleansing industry to fight skin aging

While high-end chefs are consuming foods with the acidic taste of yuzu, the cosmetics industry is highlighting the properties of the small citrus fruit and placing it among the natural anti-aging ingredients.

What is yuzu and why is it in the candle?

yuzu face care mix lemon wild mandarin grapefruit

A beautiful thing to try because it is part of the beauty of Asian women.

Where we read that yuzu is a combination of lemon and wild mandarin. In another edition, we see that the result is a hybrid from the crossing of a lemon and a grape. Whatever the reason, this citrus fruit has found a new power that first made its beauty in Asia and is rushing to conquer the beautistas of the West.

face care cleanses the skin tightens the pores protecting against free radicals

The number one enemy of blackheads, lemon, stands up against an astringent competition that cleans the skin, closes pores and protects against free radicals. The essence of yuzu is popular as an ingredient in the treatment of cleansing the face, treating pimples and excess sebum.

What are the benefits of yuzu face care?

how to take care of your face add yuzu beauty benefits

Why add Yuzu to your beauty routine?

First, its anti-aging properties are well known. It stimulates collagen production and helps prevent the formation of advanced glycation end products. This makes it a real anti-aging tool. By doing so, Yuzu can tighten the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by improving elasticity. Like lemon it is a good use in homemade anti-aging creams, the little yellow citrus can be your ally against skin dehydration.

how to take care of your face yuzu to clear the skin without stress to restore the balance of the skin.

Second, healthy skin starts with hydration to maintain balance and reduce skin problems such as tightness, irritation and breakouts. Yuzu moisturizes the skin without weighing it down and restores the skin barrier and balance of water.

how to protect your eyes yuzu meat contains high vitamin c

Terzo, like many citrus fruits, the flesh and skin of Yuzu has a high level of vitamin C, which makes it a powerful antioxidant. It has 3 times more vitamin C than a lemon! The antioxidants in Yuzu neutralize the production of free radicals and prevent further damage to your skin. With Yuzu you are protected from harmful things like UV rays and pollution. As a result, your skin will appear lighter, younger and smoother.

Women's facial care spreads a strong fragrance that soothes the effect of complete relaxation.

In addition to the benefits of the skin, yuzu provides a strong aroma that soothes and promotes relaxation. Reduce stress and anxiety, lower heart rate in 10 minutes, and all without medication. Citrus also promotes blood circulation, relieves pain and relieves emotional stress.

Which skin care products with yuzu to use?

Superpower citrus facials to include in your daily routine

If you believe in the great power of citrus, include it in your daily routine.

The first product to try this summer is sunscreen with yuzu that provides protection from sun damage with some aromatherapy benefits. With its citrus scent and floral notes, this product is perfect for changing up your daily routine. Also, it is easy to wash off at the end of the day.

the face care range infused product toning water whitening emulsion

Recently, a popular skin care brand launched a line of Yuzu-based products. The line includes three products: a toning water, a water emulsion, and a 2X C Cream Water Whitening Ampoule. They contain an organic solvent that brightens the skin from within, reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, while improving your overall complexion. The products contain natural oils and vitamin C to help restore the skin’s oil-moisture balance. This set really could be the moisturizer of your dreams!

With all the focus on the skin, it’s easy to forget about our lips too! That’s why, add the car to a Yuzu lip to keep them hydrated and soft. With its subtle citrus flavor, this cosmetic product is suitable for any time of the year.

Of course, there are many other yuzu products that are not too difficult to refresh your daily face and skin care. All you have to do is give it a shot.

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