Valentine’s Day is coming: 9 “manly” fragrances to give, share and keep for yourself

Looking for gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? From the best perfumes of Chanel, Dior and Hermès to Byredo or Juliette perfumers, here are nine perfumes to give and share.

On the important question of giving perfume for Valentine’s Day, there are two schools of thought: those who think it’s a bad thing because it is. respondent instead of simulating information about a person’s desires – he can receive the said offering as a coded message” you stink “. And those who allow themselves to do so, because they have faith in their knowledge of that person!

Celebration trade The love that we do well to celebrate every day can be an opportunity to prove how well we know our other half by changing our way ofa water worthy of love.

You can joke that it’s a way to brand your country, or not play the music card by giving the same scentso that your ways may become one!

The best perfumes of the great houses

Since these are best-selling perfumes from big established houses, there is a good chance that your significant other will know or like some of these perfumes, with their typical characteristics about the least trouble.

Bleu de Chanel, the favorite perfume of the French

In the ranking of the best men’s perfumes in France in 2021, Bleu de Chanel eau de parfum takes first place. A citrusy opening of bright lemon and grapefruit, followed by a scent of mentholated lavender and a woody, honeysuckle-like note, mark what the perfumer calls it is the most common of male alliances, it is the fern.

Chanel registers here the similarity of the navy blue dress: a timeless piece that can be worn by anyone, at any time.

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum — Chanel — €96.76 for 100 mL.

Sauvage by Dior, in excellent condition

Eau de toilette Sauvage — Dior — €95 for 100ml.

In second place among the best selling men’s waters Sauvage eau de parfum by Dior.

This fragrance opens with notes of bergamot and orange, followed by a heart of lavender, pepper, geranium and ozone. A base of vetiver, patchouli and amber brings out the character of this brutal water.

Eau de toilette Sauvage — Dior — €95 for 100mL.

Terre d’Hermès, the choice of wood

Land of hermes

Eau de toilette Terre d’Hermès — Hermès — €98 for 100 ml.

The third best men’s perfume in France in 2021, it is Terre d’Hermès. Launched in 1998, this citrus tree opens with a head of bergamot and grapefruit, then a rhubarb accord in the heart, on a base of cedar, vetiver and patchouli, in wrapped in notes of leather and paper.

Good on paper, this perfume exudes elegance that has a chic balance of sophistication and sophistication.

What’s new is surprising (but not too much)

The great perfumers used to reduce their best perfumes to all the perfumes, adding good epitaphs or more to the names of the waters which were most often seen. Each declension is called a “flanker” in jargon.

And it can be a good way to introduce something new without taking too much risk, because often it is enough permission and courage to surprise the composers. without confusion!

The key to a good silage, after all.

Cartier replica, 100% brand new

Eau de toilette Show Haute Fraîcheur — Cartier — €112 for 100 ml.

Founded in 1998 by the great nose Jean-Claude Ellena, the first composer of the Show has the skill of seducing amateurs. o key and good sweets.

With an initial olfactory pyramid composed of cinnamon, cloves, garlic, tea and a woody chypre accord, this new Haute Fraîcheur flanker features lemon tree leaves for new life.

Eau de toilette Show Haute Fraîcheur — Cartier — €112 for 100 mL.

Stronger with only you, sweet perfume

Stronger with you only eau de toilette — Armani — €86 for 100 ml.

This perfume opens with notes of grape, then a heart of lavandin and geranium. The agreement candied chestnutunique and distinctive of you, it goes well with bourbon vanilla, for a different taste that is not disgusting but will entice sweet palates and good creatures.

Stronger with you only eau de toilette — Armani — €86 for 100 mL.

Gentleman by Givenchy, the old school choice

Eau de parfum Gentleman Réserve Privée — Givenchy — €109 for 100 ml.

This eau de parfum brings bergamot to the top note and harmony of whisky Scotland.

In the heart, notes of chestnut, iris and resin. In the base note, the essence of cedar, vetiver and patchouli add verticality to this elixir that appeals to fine palates, lovers of spirits, with a sense of clothing.

Eau de parfum Gentleman Réserve Privée — Givenchy — €109 for 100 mL.

Niche perfumes share a secret

Considered more creative, niche perfumery is the art of often offering bold compositions – which can be problematic if you know little about the taste of the loved one you want to spoil.

But since Valentine’s Day lends itself to love songs, it may be a good time to try the best perfumes, which will last all day, and even trust on the pillow .

Young Rose by Byredo, the color and scent of love


In time for Valentine’s Day, Byredo presents its Young Rose fragrance in limited edition, in collaboration with Chinese artist Chen Fenwan.

An expert in papercraft, the latter created a unique box that becomes a poetic paper sculpture when opened, in order to reduce this fragrance to nothing. sharp old

The flower that is often used in perfumery is represented here by strong Sichuan pepper and ambrette fruits, with amber musk notes in the background. Strong connection, little sharing of results, big, big passion, anger.

Young Rose Eau de Parfum — Byredo — €140 for 50 mL.

La Nice Bergamote by Antoine Maisondieu: say it with flowers

The best Bergamot Eau de Parfum - Essential perfumes - €75 for 100 ml.

This sun scent is based on a bergamot Pleasant on a floral note of rose, jasmine and Ylang Ylang. At the base, cedar wood and Tonka beans bring a touch of gourmet warmth to this fragrance, which represents the eternal summer in the Mediterranean.

Best Bergamot Eau de Parfum – Essential Fragrances – €75 for 100 mL.

Musk that Juliette doesn’t know is gunk, or new musk

Invisible Musk, Juliette He Pu.jpg

Body kiss par excellence, the musk it serves as the girdle of the heart of the cotton flower, giving a sense of the parts that are intertwined by love.

At the top, jasmine absolute brings just the right amount of fresh floral to make it the ultimate skin-friendly, comforting, intimate and sensual fragrance, worn by Romeo and Juliet.

Invisible Musk Eau de Parfum — Juliette has a gun — €110 for 100 mL.

You have to do the hard part. Choosing!

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Front cover photographer: Leslie Lang for Byredo.

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