The tragic fate of Hermès, a neglected Malinois threatened with euthanasia who is about to become a police officer.

A few months ago, Hermès faced euthanasia due to his temperament, the result of a life of neglect and loneliness. Today, this Belgian Malinois shepherd is preparing to follow a student who will be able to join the gendarmerie. In fact, volunteers and soldiers have discovered the great power of this dog that has gone a long way.

Abused, abandoned and chained under a garden “. Life is sad to know Hermes in a village of Gironde before he was rescued at Parisian by the warrant officer Stephenhe is the head of the GIC (Cynophile Investigation Group) of Rochefortin Charente-Maritime.

Today, this dog is about to start a promising career in a gendarmerie company, thanks to those who believed in him from the moment they met him. A story that aired this Tuesday, March 15.

2 years old, the Belgian Shepherd Malinois saw his fate at the end of October 2021. After his discovery and weight gain, he is not out of the woods. Because of the lack of social interaction and because he had very little, if any, communication, he displayed violence. What made him decide for euthanasia.

Fortunately, it’s a SPA-viewer and a refuge Royan The wind got wind of his case and did everything to save him. The canine branch of the gendarmerie of Rochefort In constant communication with the lodges in Charente, he evaluated the quadruped, which was presented before the interesting authorities.

The image of the article: The terrible fate of Hermès, a neglected Malinois threatened with euthanasia who is about to become a policeman.
Charente-Maritime Gendarmerie / Facebook

A playful and courageous dog

Hermes was given all types of working dogs “, reports the head of the GIC of Rochefort. Malinois has ” it’s a serious game » and show courage in all situations, especially ” when going back “, continued the warrant officer Stephen.

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With these methods, the dog will begin, from mid-April, a 14-week training course at the National Center for Cynophile Instruction of the Gendarmerie in Grammar (46). At the end of this study on the search for narcotics and military defense, he will join the GIC rochefortais in July, which has 5 of his congeners.

If all goes well, Hermes serve there until the age of 9, then he will have a peaceful rest. A beautiful revenge to a painful past.


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