The death of Gaspard Ulliel: this close friend of the creator continues his work in the Tikkoun series.

One month after the death of Gaspard Ulliel, life is slowly continuing on its way. Before losing to the tragedy, the actor started several projects, including the filming of the Tikkoun series. As reported by Closer, an associate of the actor will resume his work.

unimaginable. Gaspard Ulliel He was only 37 years old on January 19, when he lost his life after a skiing accident in La Rosière, in Savoie. The unforgettable appearance of the perfumer Bleu de Chanel combined with a skier. tortured and headache, he was treated by emergency services before being taken by helicopter to Grenoble University Hospital where he died of his injuries. A tragic, sudden loss, which plunged the world of French cinema into deep mourning.

So they are very much in Paris on January 27, 2022 at the church of San-Eustache for his funeral. The actor’s friends, but also his family. His first girlfriend was Gaëlle Pietri, and their son Orso. Only six years. And the relatives in the shrine promised Orso to take care of him. “We always think, we are his friends, if your father is not a superhero. He knows how to attract flies day and night. He is Peter Pan and we are his lost children”, Mallaury, a friend of his father, told him.

Friends for years

Gaspard Ulliel was immediately taken with the projects. Next month, the actor will appear in the series Moon knight, available on Disney+. Unfortunately, his name won’t appear anywhere near the start of the campaign around this new Marvel. Another project he started? The movie of the series Tikkun, produced by Canal+. A project inspired by the story of businessman Arnaud Mimran, whose story is adapted from the book money and blood written by journalist Fabrice Arfi. There are 84 days of filming left for the series, which was released after the announcement of Gaspard Ulliel’s death. When the shock is over, the job needs to find a replacement.

According to the information Next to, This is Niels Schneider the chosen one, later Pierre Niney a Benjamin Voisin was approached. “So that Virginie Efira partner He took the job, he had to get the agreement of the broadcaster Canal +, the director Xavier Giannoli and the other main producer of the story Vincent Lindon, who is still angry at the game .”, show our colleagues. That’s a responsibility Niels Schneider of course to explain with honor, he is the partner of Gaspard Ulliel since they met in 2017 in the movie. A people and their king.

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