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Fragrances for men: what are the scents of spring?

In search of a new fragrance for the spring, we want something new, a new and light way to blend with our skin on sunny days. For this reason, we recommend that you choose sweeter and more precise male perfumes with citrus fruits for a strong side that we love. The good news is, the world of perfumes bombards us with a variety of options from our favorite perfumes. In the house of HermesOrange and grapefruit combine with pepper, patchouli and cedar to create a unique scent while in Bulgaria Where Dior, Lemon is popular when combined with the freshness of bergamot or the strength of vetiver. If you are looking for a non-perfume fragrance, Percival eau de parfum is for you. Marly’s perfumes It is very good with its accord of mandarin, lavender and herbal spices.

Buy it Terre d’Hermès eau de toilette, Hermès73 euros instead of 99 euros.

Buy it Dior Homme Sport eau de toilette, Dior80 euros.

Buy it Man Terrae Essence eau de parfum, Bulgari87 euros.

Buy it Percival eau de parfum, Parfums de Marly168 euros.

Which perfume to choose to seduce?

Yes, of course, we choose our perfume for ourselves, but according to a study. 6 out of 10 women think fragrance is important during temptation. If you are looking for the woman of your life, you may be attracted to olfactory notes that are full of passion. The most popular? Pheromones attract the opposite sex. That’s why bottles containing amber are so popular. Our favorites? Without a doubt, Dior Sauvage is the best men’s perfume in the world. A bottle is sold every three seconds. And when you smell an olfactory delight, you immediately understand why: vanilla, amber woody base, tangerine, cedar, sandalwood … So this is the recipe for virility? In the house of Chanel, It is the Bleu eau de parfum that captures all our attention with its captivating path of amber and musk notes. With this, be careful, you will break hearts.

Buy it Sauvage eau de parfum, Dior84 euros instead of 110 euros.

Buy it Chanel blue eau de parfum102 euros instead of 120 euros.

New perfumes: which perfume to choose?

For men who are looking for a breath of fresh air, find that there is more than one perfume that has you covered for this new season with toilet water symbol. In the house of Lacoste, we like the L.12.12 Blanc Eau Fraîche which perfectly represents spring: lemon, grapefruit, lavender, cedar and ginger. In the house of Versace, mint is combined with lemon, green apple, tonka bean and vanilla in an ultra-design bottle that you won’t buy just for decoration. Looking for something silly? Paco Rabanne and his Phantom Legion Collector eau de toilette, his perfect blend of lemon, vetiver and lavender. Finally, we fall for fragrances full of gender of the latter Valentino with a composition of pink, tobacco, patchouli and sage.

Buy it L.12.12 White Eau Fraîche eau de toilette, Lacoste82 euros.

Buy it Versace Eros eau de toilette, Versace70 euros instead of 100 euros.

Buy it Phantom Legion Collector eau de toilette, Paco Rabanne95 euros.

Buy it Uomo Coral Fantasy Born in Rome eau de toilette, Valentino100 euros.

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