The best advice from Gregoris, the creative director of Hermès beauty, for healthy skin

A skin balm that shines with care products, a perfect powder light like the wind and mattifying tissue papers: the new Plein Air collection from Hermès is the result of pure breath on the skin , will be brighter. , more beautiful and beautiful. Applications are in progress. Gregoris, the new Director responsible for the vision of Hermès makeup, will tell us more about this collection, all in the information.

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1. What values ​​do you share with Hermès?

An approach to beauty where we don’t dwell on appearance. We often talk about quality at Hermès, a piece that has always been embedded in the house’s DNA. I like to make this comparison with Thierry Hermès, who, in 1837, became famous by creating comfortable coats and saddles, for animals and riders. That is what strengthened the relationship between them. For him, these are aesthetic things, which humbled the animal. Our goal with beauty is to accompany women and men, by bringing them comfort and beauty.

2. What do you want to breathe the beauty of Hermès?

In future collections, there will always be a personal touch, which does not come from the ego but from my experience. What I can bring is my knowledge of makeup, style, color, application, style and care. Here, I work in an artistic team: Pierre-Alexis Dumas is the Artistic Director of the house, Pierre Hardy designs things, Christine Nagel thinks of perfumes. want to join the group.

3. When you arrive at a house with a great history, where do you start? Have you ever felt the need to enter the library?

The easiest way is to read existing documents, but also to discuss, to meet people. Many people here, rue de Penthièvre, are from other businesses, so there is always a change between employers. I consider myself a craftsman, I have always worked with my hands. The conservatory and workshops at Pantin are very inspiring, as is the Émile Hermès museum, as a center of knowledge. There is his office, and the entire collection of classics, including the first one that Emile Hermès bought with his wallet at 12 years old. It is very beautiful: a staff that has a silk parasol that is very good to protect from the sun. At the age of 12, you start a collection with that, you understand why we are where we are today… He had this idea of ​​something beautiful and useful, which is the whole Hermès philosophy.


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