Lidl is selling copies of famous perfumes for as little as 6 euros!

Lidl perfumes for women and men are only 6 euros. These are copies of famous perfumes. At that price, do they really smell like the original scents?

By buying some perfumes, Lidl has managed to make a place for itself in the perfume sector. And for good reason, the range of fragrances offered is similar to its brands. other popular spices. New York aura, Lady Glamour, Chalou, Hello, Angel, Ghibellini N°1… The priori smells like Taste it by DKNY, Miss Coco by Chanel, Chloe, I love Dior, Angel by Thierry Mugler a One million by Pacco Rabbane.

Only here, if Lidl spices cost around 6 €, The inspired items are sold on average 70 €… It is enough to make a difference with customers. This is because it is almost impossible to distinguish the odors of small amounts of water from those of good quality.

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New York aura by Koke of Lidl, more than a simple copy of Six from DKNY?

For about 6 euros, it can be found in Lidl New York aura by Koke. A product that has been popular with consumers since its release. If this product is very popular, it is because of the nature of the smell like Six by DKNY.

The olfactory description of DKNY perfume shows that it is floral, fruity and fresh, perfect for summer or spring. In winter, it’s also nice to go inside to remember the beautiful days! Specifically, the perfume Six by DKNY opens with notes of fruit, cucumber and magnolia, before moving into apple and floral notes. Original messages are marked with white ambera very popular spice in perfumery.

Determining the success of women’s perfume New York aura by Suddenly, Lidl managed to recreate this much-loved scent. It is a successful perfume, not only is it offered at the lowest price on the discount chain’s list. In addition to its perfumes sold under the Cien brand, the supermarket sells other perfumes whose fragrances are close to fine perfumes.

Aura by New York has won positive customer reviews. Availability: Capture PicClick UK & Cdiscount

Lidl spices at 6 euros are like big names like I like Dior, angelic perfume, Pacco Rabbane

Lidl, the main seller of its spices below Brand is heavy, there is no secret of being inspired by the famous best sellers in perfumery. The print is very different, but the essences are not confused with large buildings. The only difference between the two versions is: the price ! Lidl perfumes are sold for an average of 6 euros so it competes with the biggest manufacturers that are priced at 50 euros or more.

Therefore, these perfume copies are interesting not only to consumers, but also to the media. In 2014, the British press Freedom Checked out a new Lidl deal: the perfume Lady Glamour. Historian Martin Lewis confirms that it is a copy of the famous perfume. Miss Coco by Chanel. For a doctor, it is not possible to separate the two types as the same.

madame glamor perfume by lidl
The scent of Madame Glamor is strongly inspired by Mademoiselle Coco by Chanel. Available: screenshot

Gibellini perfumes are quick and available

In addition to their ultra-competitive prices, perfumes for women and men have received excellent customer reviews. In blogs specialized in beauty products, the reviews of these gifts are better. As New York aurathe water Lady Glamour of Suddenly very successful. This smell is caused by Miss Coco by Chanel the subject of a survey among independent consumers.

The scents of the two devices were left to a sample of about fifty people. 50% of test takers could not define both types. A Lidl spokesperson also revealed the results of two blind tests with customers. Surprise: 90% of the testers preferred low water to Chanel’s! The comments clearly explain the success of these products in the Lidl catalogs.

Spices available on the list they are like big buildings.

  • New York aura strongly encouraged by Six by DKNY,
  • Lady Glamour Kiss immediately Miss Coco by Chanel,
  • Chalou a copy of Chloe,
  • Hello it is stimulated by the smell of incense I like by Dior,
  • Angel which is the copy ofAngel by Thierry Mugler
  • Ghibellini N°1 the copy of the famous belongs to the public One million by Paco Rabanne.
Lidl's warmer
Another fragrance found in the Lidl catalog: Chalou. Find: Facebook “The most beautiful woman in tunis”.

Also note with eau de toilette #1 o Ghibellini, Lidl now in men. The success is there, because this water listed in the list also collects good opinions.

Are these Lidl perfumes fake?

Asking perfume for less than €6, so the chain of stores has a position in the world of perfumery. The brand continues to expand its product offering and promotions in other areas. On the home appliance side, let’s mention the Monsieur Cuisine multifunction robot, compared to the Thermomix. A kitchen appliance has been accused of fraud by the Vorwerk brand. So, can Lidl perfumes suffer the same criticism?

For an expert who was interviewed for this topic Freedom, this is not a perfumed copy. However, the similarities of these products include all kinds of jewelry For the most part, Lidl does not defend against such allegations. Now, customers can enjoy beautiful fragrances at a low price!

Why keep buying more expensive perfumes?

It’s true, Lidl can’t beat it when it comes to delivery The lowest prices. A chain store is one of the few places you can find it Imitation perfume less than 6 euros. In this case, there is a return on the sale and eau de parfum from haute couture houses ? The answer is yes if you are satisfied with the quality and prestige brought by these great brands. Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Boucheron, Guerlain, Bvlgari, Penhaligon’s, Thierry Mugler… not everything is surprising and thought-provoking.

Choose an eau de parfum
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On the other hand, you should know that the number of spices from Lidl is limited despite the good offers. For more options, it is interesting to search for other department stores that offer natural perfumes. Another advantage is the availability of a wide selection ofwake water at different prices (and it doesn’t need to be expanded as much as we think). The difference with natural fragrances? We love them Mild and mild scent. Eau de parfum lasts longer on the skin. It’s enough to leave a beautiful olfactory memory on your way!

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