here are the two actors who are expected to replace him in the Tikkoun series

On January 19, 2022, Gaspard Ulliel disappeared under tragic circumstances. Died at 37, the actor relinquished his right to hold the series Tikkun at Canal+. According to Next toThis Friday, February 3, 2022, members of the workforce have a chance to close.

A few weeks ago, an important event upset millions of French people. On Wednesday January 19, 2022, the producer Gaspard Ulliel lost his life after a serious skiing accident. While the latter was descending the slopes of La Rosière region, in Savoie, the father of the family collided with a skier. The man was unhurt, and he became a key witness in the investigation into the accident. Unfortunately, Gaspard Ulliel died of a head injury.

A finished project

Since then, tributes have followed each other on social networks and television stations. On Friday January 27, 2022, the relatives of Gaspard Ulliel, and some individuals, were able to honor, for the last time, his memory in the Saint-Eustache church in Paris. But there is one question on everyone’s lips. What is the impact on the actor’s current film career?

A few days after his death, The father of the family will start filming the new series Tikkunadvertise on Canal+. The situation? This represents the biggest case of carbon tax scam in France between 2008 and 2009, according to the investigation. money and blooddirected by journalist Fabrice Arfi.

Is there a replacement for Gaspard Ulliel?

“Very surprised”, the production team wanted to shelve the film until further notice. But according to the information presented by Next to On Friday February 3, 2022, the final decision was made. Indeed, the director of the series, Xavier Giannoli, has chosen to restart the search in order to find a replacement for his last colleague. Pierre Niney and Benjamin Voisin caught the latter’s eye.

If Gaspard Ulliel is not one of the characters of Tikkoun, viewers can see him on the screen in March 2022. From April to October 2021, the ex-partner of Gaëlle Pietri, of course, shot several episodes of the new Marvel series. Moon knightat Disney+.

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