Heating costs are rising: a resident in Seine-Maritime closes his swimming pool to avoid bankruptcy

The bill is very high! The Claude-Lebourg swimming pool in Oissel-sur-Seine, near Rouen, will be closed for five weeks, until April 24. The reason: energy costs are skyrocketing. The prime minister, Stéphane Barré, is waiting for a response from the government. Despite the city’s commitment for many years to reduce energy use through a program of heat maintenance and the replacement of small boilers of passion, the elected official has accepted the shock upon receiving his bill.

“We went to a market. We used an annual fee for all equipment of around 16 euros per Mw/ho gas. There, for January-February 2021, the amount rises to 165,000 euros, so 115 euros Mw / h. When I checked, today, gas is at 230 euros Mw/h so it will cost 1 million euros per year instead of 240,000 euros! More than the rest of the city. I have to act fast, because I don’t want to increase the national tax by 20 to 25%. It is not a form of responsibility. »

The minister called on the state for help

So the elected official lowered the temperature of the bus and gyms by 1 degree without touching the schools. It has small rooms that are used and the Claude-Lebourg swimming pool is closed for five weeks: “we have to do the work in September, including the installation of a patented air heater for the elimination of chloramines saves us 2000 m3 of water per year. , 240Mw/ho of gas, 160 tons of CO2, ie almost 10,000 euros net at a price of 16 euros per Mw/h. At this closing time, I think I will save 50,000 euros in total,” said the minister.

However, Stéphane Barré is very worried, because with almost 700,000 euros in the balance every year, the town can find itself in deficit: “from there, it is the prefecture that can take. I am very worried, although the government is turning a deaf ear when it is warned by different organizations. At this time, the state has done work for people and businesses that I support. There is no emergency fund for them. For example, if the gas is more, the VAT is more. So why not exempt us from this increase? Call Stéphane Barré .

Of course, all communities are connected. In Mesnil-Esnard, with its 9,000 people, “a price of +100,000 euros in the budget 2022. We have an agreement with the company Dalkia. It is better to negotiate its waters, for the thing, we’re going to share the savings. Of course, if there’s a shortage, the city just pays. For our future markets, we’re thinking of a change of producers. Since then, it’s been chosen a helper to manage the audits and monitor the budgets. It cannot be chosen, like demolishing a gymnasium to build a new one before renovating it,” said Xavier Jean, first vice president of finance. For Nicolas Mayer Rossignol, the President of Rouen Normandy Metropolis and the Mayor of the city of Rouen, “the difficulty is that the situation changes every day, whether for the price of fuel for public transport or the water for houses. The result is important and this shows the increase of millions. Therefore, we are in the analysis of the actions to be taken in sobriety and negotiations with suppliers and the CRE (Energy Regulation Commission)”.

For the elected official, the problem confirmed the steps taken in the change initiated by his majority, “because the energy line will be important for the communities and especially for the A city that has buildings where there are more people than Metropolis. This is a big problem, because there is a lot of uncertainty. We need to be active and very agile. You need a long-term vision,” said Nicolas Mayer – Rossignol.

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