Father’s Day: 25 Perfumes for Men to Give

Perfume is the French’s favorite gift for Father’s and Mother’s Day. This year, it will be on June 20, 2021, so Gala will help you choose among the perfumes of the season.

There are no stereotypes about the same muscular lavender that is associated with the original image of the alpha male. Seen with a common man, The perfumer explores different avenues : a subtle or strong freshness, soothing marine notes, sometimes dark woods, sometimes sweet, oriental addictive.

Above all the worlds where you can imagine: the beauty of a well-tailored suit, the joy of diving in the sea, the release of sports, the adrenaline of travel or the cool personality of the winner…there are many unique places that speak to today’s parents.

Water perfume for men

It’s not a wave, but a red wave that melts men’s bottles. There is nothing surprising about a color that is universal, aesthetic and given a special symbol.

Blue doesn’t always get along with men. If it was the case in ancient Greece, the Christian Middle Ages decorated the dress of the Virgin Mary with lapis lazuli, thus marrying this color for a long time to the purity of women. Today, it is the most respected in all countries, awakening the sky, water, sea, like comfort, healing or freedom.

Back in full form, we fell for driftwood from L’Occitane, where moss, salt and the feeling of wood in the water refreshes a lavender wood (Eau de Parfum, 75 ml, €75, fr.loccitane.com).

Really small, the blue pride ofThinking by Louis Vuitton hides luminous citrus fruit that collides with cinnamon and cinnamon, while amber and tobacco give it a mysterious and emotional effect (Eau de Parfum, 100 ml, € 225, louisvuitton.com).

Finally, power Blue light o The night of man by Yves Saint Laurent inspires a neon-light party, written by a strong lightning – lemon, ginger, cardamom – in dewy lavender and a natural fragrance (Eau de Toilette Intense, 100 ml, €93.50*) .

Emilie Erbin
Emilie Erbin

Watching the ballet of clouds coming together or spreading apart is amazing. The sky over Lake Annecy is inspiring Look for Ultra Blue by Montblanc, where the virile woods are aired with a new alpine reworked with the help of fresh, ozonic and watery notes (Eau de Parfum, 100 ml, €95*).

The natural wood contract of Kenzo Men fullness is also shown in the face of things; its Intense texture is thick with salty, sun-baked skin and round, warm woods, like the sea before the storm (Eau de Toilette Intense, 110 ml, €92*).

Another concern writing that we see in Eau d’Issey for men Shades of Kolam. An eau de toilette inspired by the ancient Indian art of kolam painting, where cool spices and green tea create a more lively and light herbal eau de toilette, to complement measure of satisfaction (125 ml, €62*).

Emilie Erbin

Each spring offers its own story of marine fragrances, with the feeling of the sea perfectly matching the beautiful days. This can only be referenced internally Man On Top Of The Table by Jean Paul Gaultier, with a version soothed by a bergamot-geranium-tonka bean accord and a delicate amber base (Eau de Toilette, 125 ml, €95*, limited edition).

Or supported in this powerful shower ofAcqua Di Gio Profondo candles in Giorgio Armani: a sea water enriched with cardamom and the green of cypress and lentisk. Although muscular herbs work well in this healthy (Eau de Parfum, 75 ml, €79, sephora.fr).

Emilie Erbin

In the unmixed, strong scents are associated with dark colors. So midnight blue bottles are often chosen for a strong power; verify with theGentleman Intense Eau de Toilette by Givenchy. On the aromatic side, strong cedar contrasts with the calmness of refined iris like greens of basil and cypress. Its red color also checks the boxes for bad jewelry, a fortiori mixing with small lines (100 ml, €98.50*).

It is difficult to make the plan more than Blue by Chanel. This spray invites a new way to diffuse the perfume on the body or clothes (All-Over Spray, 150 ml, €72*).

The muscular arm Sound Of The Warrior de Diesel likes a little blue to enhance its fiery character with the help of rosemary, geneva and bison grass before melting into a beautiful woody scent (Eau de Toilette, 75 ml, €67*) .

Emilie Erbin

When it comes to perfume, men’s fashion designers prefer the comfort of blue, the perfect color to show the perfect fall of a suit.

In its blueberry-like bottle, the Italian Brioni capture the essence of beauty: the life of a perfumed apple infused with sage violet on a bed of cedar (Eau de Parfum, 100 ml, €110* and nocibe.fr).

If the name of Bad people by Dior evokes adventure, its clean scent combined with citrus fruits and the lavender-geranium duo remain ultraclassic. With a revolutionary spirit, a base of amber and wood lingers gently on the skin (Eau de Toilette, 30 ml, €63.50*).

At Dolce & Gabbana, Permanent Blue Light a thousand miles from the baroque style of the makers. This explosion of citrus, ozone and water notes reflects the pleasure of the Mediterranean, just oozing a breath of vetiver to seduce others (Eau de Parfum, 100 ml, €88* ).

Perfumes for men to smoke

Feel invincible, confident, recharged. Don’t waste a minute and play with your luck, in work or love… These perfumes are there for that. Place your bet!

If success remains the most shared gender goal, in 2021, it changes the landscape, less business, more personal: experiment in all directions, create your own business, study about games, take a sports competition… An excitement that s embodies in The fragrances that have a new look like this adrenaline rush and also different with a muscular way.

Therefore, Jean Paul Gaultier associated the image of a boxing champion with Complaining about the person. With a “high cut” of freshness emanating from sage and juicy mandarin, contrasted with vetiver and tonka bean, it adds a lot to the skin (Eau de Toilette, 100 ml, €102*, June 21). In the house of Victory Invictus by Paco Rabanne, a lemon-insense duo crunches on rich notes of vanilla and tonka bean (Eau de Parfum Extrême, 100 ml, €103*).

For others, the long-awaited deconfinement has fueled a thirst for travel. Spicebomb Infrared by Viktor&Rolf claims to be a scent of nighttime fun, with purple peppercorns infused with chilli and sweet tobacco (Eau de Toilette, 90 ml, €89*, June 21).

Testing your ability to seduce “the man” is an experience intended to bad boy by Carolina Herrera: good and bad sides clash with the lightness of bergamot, white pepper and violet and sage; an explosive perfume darkened with cocoa, tonka bean and ultra-sensual amber woods (Eau de Toilette, 100 ml, €99.58*).

An incredible charisma also emanates from the amber wood mixed with the caramel melting in theEau de Parfum Intense The most desirable from Azzaro. Add a dash of spicy cardamom and you have a drink perfect for inveterate tricksters (100 ml, €92*).

Emilie Erbin
Emilie Erbin

Men’s travel fragrances

Some spices start a specific journey, based on their evocative name, or on the cartography drawn by their ingredients. Allow yourself to fly. Along with H24, Christine Nagel, the perfumer at Hermès, puts us in the heart of an urban utopia, imagining a plant animal cutting potatoes at high speed. An olfactory sensation that evokes a metallic freshness with cut grass and petite narcissus (Eau de Parfum, 100 ml, €105, hermes.com).

Those who love tourist attractions will be tempted by OpenSky of Byredo, which defines the time between leaving a destination and arriving at the destination. A time-release of earthy vetiver, aromatic hemp and palo santo, a sacred tree that accompanies the spirit of Native Americans (Eau de Parfum, 100 ml, €190, byredo.com).

Fashionistas will see a small face of the king of couture Hamburg-Alster by Karl Lagerfeld: this river in his hometown is the Seine in Paris. We think the couturier will appreciate his way of watery mint flowing over lavender and soft woods (Eau de Toilette, 100 ml, €59, only available at Marionnaud).

Emilie Erbin

Fragrances for sporty men

In this highly competitive season, some fragrances are surfing the world of sports. Tonic sillages score points for lovers of modern alcohol. Don’t be fooled by their athleticism, these methods are neither “straight to the point” nor are they bad.

L’Men’s Games de Castelbajac opens with a mix of citrus fruits (Italian green mandarin and lemon petitgrain) and spices (ginger-pepper) bathed in marine notes before earthy moss takes over. , geranium and strong vetiver. In the end, a real experience of freshness, strength and freedom (Eau de Toilette 100 ml, €63.99, marionnaud.fr).

At Lacoste, the bottle of L12.12 White, decorated with the piqué of the famous crocodile polo shirt, starts with notes of lemon and eucalyptus, a pleasant place like putting on a clean shirt after a good job. Then, after a while, the combination of vetiver and “suede” notes work together to effectively extinguish the skin on fire (Eau de Parfum, 100 ml, €86, nocibe.fr).* in perfume shops and stores.

Emilie Erbin

Photographs: Emilie Erbin

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