Buying a good handbag, an investment that pays off?

Published Feb 18 2022 at 18:51Updated Feb 21. 2022 at 15:56

Do you want to buy a good handbag? Here’s what you need to know before investing.

What are the most popular brands?

French luxury house Hermès is doing well, with sometimes stratospheric prices on the secondary market. How to explain? “He is known for his knowledge, he reaches international customers and the middle generations, and his signature bags are hard to find”lists Alice Léger, expert in the beauty and accessories department of the Artcurial store.

The most famous models of the brand are the Birkin, designed in 1984, and the Kelly, created in the 1930s. Buying a new item from Hermès must be accompanied by a waiting list. and can wait a few years. The scoop goes to consumers who are already familiar with the brand… What is the price? For a new Birkin, count around 8,000 euros. For a Kelly, about 7,000 euros.

Those lucky enough to manage to find one can often hope to get a good price on the second-hand market, given their rarity. A second-hand Birkin example from 2001, in Dalmatian cowhide, is not reproduced today. “Worn, not in the best condition”, recalls Alice Léger. In January 2022, Artcurial estimates its value between 6,500 and 8,500 euros. It was finally sold at an auction for… 44,900 euros!

The Birkin and Kelly are, by far, the most sought-after bags and the ones that fetch the highest prices at auctions. Other models are seeing their prices increase on resale. “This is the case for those who work in small groups where there is little time for collaboration”, observes Lucile Andreani, head of handbags and accessories sales for Christie’s. Among other things, he is thinking of Louis Vuitton branded handbags (a brand of LVMH, which owns the Les Echos group) in collaboration with Virgil Abloh, the star designer who died last November.

But beware, wearing a good handbag is not the same as added value, Lucile Andreani reminds. If you want to buy one and hope it doesn’t lose a lot of value, or resell it at a bargain price (at best, make money), he recommends looking for parts. movie. Examples: Birkin and Kelly, of course, but Constance from Hermès (about 6,500 euros more), the Timeless and the 2.55 from Chanel (about 6,000 euros), the Lady Dior from Dior (about of 5,000 euros) … throughout the years, its popularity has not decreased … and the beautiful houses increase in price every year.

“It’s hard to see how the price of a handbag will grow, is warning. The resale price depends on its rarity, its condition, the material, and whether the piece is currently desirable T. Now, for example, small bags are more successful than large ones.

What if you want to buy used?

For those who want to invest, be careful: there are many scams on the Internet. “We have seen copies and limited editions. Now, the business is more commercial with a lot of books », looks at May Berthelot, head of the fight against fraud for VideDressing and Leboncoin. And it keeps getting better: “Ten years ago, fake products were the best. Today, we are facing ‘super fakes’, products that look like the original models.he describes the character charmer, followed by more than 158,000 people on Instagram (@may.berthelot).

Can we trust a seller if he shows a receipt, receipt or stamp to prove that his bag is authentic? “Not enough, advise May Berthelot. Everything can be falsified: there is trading with falsified invoices, sellers with falsified packages… »

To combat this phenomenon, the VideDressing website, for example, has developed algorithms to prevent advertisements. The platform offers (as an option) to put the bags in the hands of its anti-fraud team, who will check them in detail. If he believes that the product is reliable, he sends it to the customer and joins the product with a certificate.

And buy more?

People can sell their pieces at auctions, at consignment shops, at second-hand sites… To get the best price, you need to take care of them. Berthelot can offer some advice: “We don’t wear it every day and we don’t put it on the ground in danger. We don’t increase it so it doesn’t deform. »

Another golden rule when it comes to a leather bag: avoid exposing it to rain or water. If you don’t wear it, May Berthelot advises to keep it away from light, cover it (using paper for example) to keep it in its original shape, don’t put it in bags other hand to prevent color change (especially on patent leather pieces) and always bury. “You need to feed it with professional products to prevent the skin from drying out and subsequently breaking”now.

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