A million dollars for the Bugatti Veyron “not recommended for driving”

Although the purchase price is within the normal range, this Bugatti Veyron is reported to be one million dollars but it is said that the car is dangerous. It’s a shame to see the state shining so brightly today.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. This is the lesson we can get from asking the announcement of this Bugatti the next lookbut who hide his game… Because yes, he has everything to please. A bright body a a well maintained lake without harm. this is to show good. After all, a Veyrona supercar in its time the most unique and desirable sports cars. 1001 hpso the power said by its engine, a 8 liter W16 who promised to do something different: The top speed is 431 km/h for the Super Sport version…

Trailer concept

even if it is a copy of the owner, in his time released in 2005the fastest production car in the worldseems to be in good condition, but the truth is different… One million dollars, or close €880,000is it the price requested by the auction site Bring a Trailerfor him The sale closes on February 24th. To take a trailer means in French “to take a trailer”. Ironically, this is what advertising encourages the prospective customer to do. Because despite the features, this Bugatti Veyron, according to its seller, “is not safe to drive”.

The previous owners were indifferent

Put it in the garage last December, of course has been revised. Between the changing its underbody, front spoiler, rear spoiler and intercoolers. If the announcement shows that all these things have been changed and are reliable, this is not enough to be considered ready to go on the road again. He spent some time for a exotic car rental business. This might explain it not really taken care of in his time 22,500 kilometers. We don’t know why, because of the time, it’s hard to drive every day. Because it is said that the driver is fit, and therefore driving. With that price, that is, within the “standards” of a Veyron of that wine harvestUsually, we have confirmation, which does not make a monk.

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