A Hermès factory and 250 jobs in L’Isle-d’Espagnac

With this establishment, Hermès strengthens its presence in Charente. The company arrived there in 2012, in Montbron, where it opened the Maroquinerie de la Tardoire. Today, 260 employees work on the site. In November, Hermès opened its own training center there, the Hermès School of Knowledge. A hundred students were trained there for the specific needs of the building. Within three years, the leather goods manufacturer will have 500 employees and 100 students in the business. A meteorite development, in just 10 years.

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Montbron: Hermès is about learning

This morning, the first fifteen students of the Hermès studio in Montbron are returning. The luxury brand wants to rely on this school to ensure the rental needs.

“This is good news for the region of GrandAngoulêmePlease Xavier Bonnefont, president of the Agglo. We have been working on it for a long time. The group liked them very much in its central position, 30 minutes from Montbron, not far from Nontron.

A great investment

For several months, the services of the Agglo visited the leaders of Hermès in several sites that could host the new factory. The Bel-Air zone, originally reserved for high school activities, is self-imposed. “HErmès pays close attention to the quality of the environment and the landscape of its location. It’s a shame we can afford it”, says Xavier Bonnefont. Because Hermès wants a site close to fashion, with information. A stone’s throw from the forest of L’Isle-d’Espagnac and Soyaux, easily accessible with the D1000, this production area really ticks all the boxes.

The tanner is therefore selling several parcels in the area from Agglo, for a total of 4.1 hectares. A building of 6,000 square meters will be built on the same level, for the opening of the factory in 2025. “It’s a busy schedule, but it’s a great timebelieves Xavier Bonnefont. This choice ensures the strong beauty of the agglomeration. We measure every day. Sometimes, we are not able to respond to requests from companies that want to establish in the country. “

Hermès did not specify the size of its investment in L’Isle-d’Espagnac. But given the size of the house, the environmental interest of the construction, and then its arrangement, the investment is more than 10 million euros.

Between now and opening, the needs for training and education are expected to be significant. In addition to its own school in Montbron, Hermès relies on its collaboration with Pôle emploi, the Gretas and the rectorate of Poitiers.

The L’Isle-d’Espagnac site is associated with leather goods from Montbron, Nontron in the Dordogne and the artisan workshop of Saint-Junien in Haute-Vienne. With the one announced in Gironde, it is the 23rdwould be and 24would be Hermès factories in France.

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