7 The smell of a sweet-smelling tree like autumn

Leave fresh and invigorating notes of summer fragrances. It’s time to prove yourself this season! The rain and the sunset at the end of the afternoon invite you to decorate yourself with a way that is as pleasant as the temperature. Although the body is dressed in soft materials (wool, cashmere, velvet…), the skin of its part is covered with woody notes: oud, leaves, sandalwood, heather… Wet grass or scents of the forest strewn with dead leaves as if we were there.

L’Artisan Parfumeur: Bad Wolf Eau de Toilette

The sweetness and bitterness of resin, roasted hazelnuts, praline and alcohol in the Méchant Loup eau de toilette sealed L’Artisan Parfumeur is a real one-way ticket to a big forest. You’ll soon be won over by its earthy notes that scream fall.

Wicked Wolf Eau de Toilette The perfume maker

130 €

The Tool Maker

Azzaro: Loved by Night Eau de Parfum

Said to be “the modern-day Gatsby’s weapon of seduction”, Azzaro Wanted by Nigh is a perfume with warm woody notes (cedar, tobacco) and hints of fresh spices (cinnamon). Something that shows off your undeniable beauty day and night.

AZZARO is preferred by Po Eau de Parfum



Byredo: Immortal Oud Eau de Parfum

Patchouli and papyrus combine with oud to give this woody scent a touch. All that is accompanied by tobacco leaves, moss and incense to make these natural ingredients a complex fragrance that stays on jewelry.

Eau de parfum Oud Immortel BYREDO

Hermès: Terre d’Hermès Eau de Parfum

“Woody, vegetal, mineral”, is how Hermès achieves its perfume. A delicious combination becomes the power of Terre d’Hermès, a best seller that does not need to prove itself. Made from bergamot but also shiso (a Japanese herb), the scent is instantly recognizable.

Eau de Parfum Terre d’Hermès Hermès

75 ml

115 €80 €


Body Shop: Arber Eau De Toilette

This fragrance for men with base notes of sandalwood, vetiver and tonka bean is a true call to nature. In its bottle with eye lines there is a woody scent like that inspired by the jungle that you will hit when you feel a breath of fresh air!

Arber The Body Shop Eau De Toilette

Offered: Gentleman Woody Eau de Parfum

Do you want to use a spray and olfactory stick? This delicious creation by Givenchy is the perfect combination between the beauty of blue iris and the strength of cedar wood. A perfect signature for a gentleman with a charming personality.

Eau de Parfum Woody Gentleman Givenchy



Comme des Garçons: Wonderwood Eau de Parfum

Looking for a hypnotic herbal scent? This new fragrance with its woody notes (oud, cedar and cypress) balanced by patches of patchouli and vetiver gives a puff of precious wood for a 100% unique character.


85 €

Galeries Lafayette


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