What are the best perfumes of 2022?

Award for Best Women’s Perfume: IZIA LA NUIT DE SISLEY

Our jury crowns a unique and personal fragrance, a thousand miles from the trends and promises to become a classic. Sisley is a family business whose every perfume is closely related to its history. In 2017, a rose from the garden of Isabelle d’Ornano’s estate inspired Izia, a new, feminine and sunny fragrance.

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Eau de parfum Izia La Nuit de Sisley, €144.90 for 50ml via April Beauty

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A few years later, the perfumer Amandine Clerc-Marie created a new interpretation of this flower, more pleasant, sensual, deep and mysterious. It brightens with bergamot, mandarin and blackcurrant, then vibrates with freesia and magnolia, and blooms above all in a dark and beautiful path woven with labdanum, ambrox and patchouli.

This beautiful composition includes woody, chypre, vanilla and leather notes in a single bottle, designed by the Polish artist Bronislaw Krzysztof, but lacquered in black to reveal two drops of the fragrance. gold.


Chloé chooses a 100% natural vegan fragrance, without filters and artificial colors, with ingredients from organic plants and a specially designed bottle. And the view is as beautiful and beautiful as it should be. The perfumer Michel Almairac, forced to create with a small palette of raw materials, imagined a beautiful woody rose. The flower, from an organic farm, is nicely relaxed by citron flowers and blackcurrant, soft with neroli, powdered with mimosa date and accompanied by cedar to gain strength. Enticing and delighting in the first scent, it takes us for a walk in a rose garden.

chloe perfume

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Original Eau de Parfum by Chloé, €103.90 for 50ml via Ici Paris XL

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The bottle of Chloé Signature, recalling the famous pleating in a blouse of the brand, is not to be blamed. Made with 25% recycled glass and decorated with a green ribbon made entirely of recycled polyester, it evokes a new, promising future.

Award for the best women’s bottle: LA COLLECTION DES EXTRAITS DE LOUIS VUITTON

This amazing bottle is the result of a collaboration between two giants, driven by a great idea. For this collection, Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, perfumer at Louis Vuitton, reinvented the extract, the most precious form of perfume. Its five concentrated works, divided into the classics of head, heart and base, each convey a strong feeling and the quintessence of an olfactory family. Dancing Blossom, Cosmic Cloud, Rhapsody, Symphony and Stellar Times impress with their charisma, close to the skin and easy to wear, even at midnight.

louis vuitton perfume

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Louis Vuitton Extracts Collection, €450 for 100ml

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To wear them, the famous architect Frank Gehry rediscovered the first bottle of house perfume. Sounding the scents, the glass container is filled with water. It is covered by an aluminum cap shaped like a flower, as strong as the stamps of the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. This gift is definitely worth it.

Award for Best Men’s Perfume: H24 D’HERMÈS

The richness of the cuts, the weave of the fabrics… Véronique Nichanian’s menswear inspired Christine Nagel – house perfumer – to create a new olfactory signature. Beautiful clary sage, with notes of grass and cut grass and an amber base, first with a beautiful bitter narcissus, with an invigorating rosewood base and sclarene.

hermes perfume

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Eau de toilette H24 from Hermès, €95.50 for 100ml via Ici Paris XL

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This synthetic molecule is familiar with wet and steely tones like the hot steam of an iron on a woolen garment. So, between style and technology, this green fragrance has shown itself to be virile but simple, lively and delicious. Again, our jury is celebrating the idea. We improve this atypical sillage, creating caricatured examples of the usual to support warmth and power. Even its elegant and sleek bottle designed by Philippe Mouquet fascinates us.


François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, reinterprets the new Sauvage brand in a version with a different meaning, never before found. “To achieve this power, I have chosen to leave his workbook to keep only the essentials. Pushing back the boundaries, this new elixir plays with heights. Stronger, wilder, surprising with his
amazing power.

dior perfume

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Perfume Sauvage Elixir by Dior, €130.90 for 60ml via April Beauty

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In the heart of its path, lavender grows in the Provençal Pre-Alps massif. The result of the combination of carefully selected collections, it gives life to a style of Lavender from Nyons AOP characterized by a vanilla “hay” note. The accords of grape, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom) and syrupy woods (licorice, sandalwood, amber, patchouli and vetiver from Haiti) sublimate the wild flower.


From 2018, the Les Eaux de Chanel collection invites us to discover the places that Mademoiselle loved. After Biarritz,
Deauville, Venice and the Riviera, it is in the Scottish capital that the nose of Olivier Polge takes us. In 1924, Gabrielle Chanel visited Scotland to admire the Duke of Westminster. He finds a world far removed from social life and recharges his batteries in this wild and noble environment. The clothes worn by British royalty in their foreign affairs inspired him for his designs.

Chanel perfume

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Eau de toilette Paris-Edinburgh by Chanel, €135 for 125ml

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“In fresh and woody, Paris-Edinburgh is the perfume of a tweed suit borrowed from the men’s clothes that greatly influenced Gabrielle Chanel. Designed as a fresh eau de parfum, this fragrance is filled with air without gender without light.A
An olfactory journey with lively notes of juniper fruit and cypress, covered in cedar and vetiver.

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