The fragrance is beautiful and fun for everyone with Makssim

Creating the best perfume for everyone is the idea that Antoine and Melissa have protected. That’s why they created the Makssim fragrance box that offers the fragrances of the biggest houses… in a small format. A simple but effective idea!

Indeed, who has not seen an expensive bottle of a great brand that was bought in the store, but was chosen for a long time after many tests in small paper displays and then sulked? He’s no longer fit and we watch him grow old, sorry, on the shelves of his bathroom. With the Makssim kit, there is no more damage and the heart. Every month, anonymously or anonymously, Makssim gives you beauty, choice and experience with complete peace of mind.

The pleasure of the perfect beauty

Far from the usual logic of the box that gives you amazing products to discover, with Makssim, you see the products and you control the choice of the contents of your box (15.90 euros with subscription or 17.90 euros without subscription, shipping included). the The list of perfumes shows more than 350 references: Dior, Chanel, Hermès etc.. There is no illusion, the quality and purpose of great buildings is real. But with everything new, you have these great brands in the bag designed for one month of use at the rate of four to five sprays a day. the 8ml sprayer is supplied to you with its container on your first order. There is no waste with bottles that exceed the DLUO (best before date) and no more regrets: if you didn’t make the right choice, you will clear your choice next month.

It’s kind of smart

It is easy to fit in a handbagof an ftype approved by the airline, the sprayer can be taken anywhere for use at will. If you order perfumes in the same delivery (counting the extra charge) you can allow yourself chic and fun: change the perfume according to your outfit, your mood, the time the day of the season. Everything is allowed with the Makssim box!

The wonderful world of spices at your fingertips

The website will take you to the world major perfume houses, men’s and women’s. There are many good names. Your favorite brand, of course, but the things you plan to try, without the courage. With the box you can change the scent whenever you want. You must declare your choice before the 4th of each month. Worried about forgetting the date? The site sends you a reminder! Want to change but need advice ? Makssim is available online to answer questions, if you can’t use the filters to guide you according to your needs and expectations. No idea for the next order? Why not allow yourself to be tempted by the concept of the month, a perfume that is declared and analyzed in a detailed and complete form? Makssim also offers subscriptions gift card put an end to the idea that no one donates a perfume for fear of falling foul!

The fragrance is beautiful and fun for everyone with Makssim

Big names in fragrances with hidden ingredients

He is not alone. Thanks to his connections with the producers who work and know thoughtsMakssim can introduce you to small producers niche or olfactory notes that are popular and sold in other countries. See the precious resin of the oud offering these oriental notes printed in Dior and Guerlain stores, in Japan or Bahrain. It never stops expanding and surprising you.

As you understand, Makssim is very interested in creating a community around perfume, connect yourself with him and find yourself on Instagram @makssim_official. We love you!

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