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If Coco Chanel dedicated her life to women, many men have crossed paths with her influence: Picasso, Stravinsky, Cocteau, the Duke of Westminster … Artists and aristocrats, producers and with companies, he will give them one honor: Pour Monsieur, Chanel’s first fragrance for men. Some followed, like God.

If N°5 and Coco are suitable for these women, this is one of the most famous and/or most popular men’s perfumes from the house of Chanel today.

For Mr

Pour Monsieur was Chanel’s first perfume. And with this guy, everything is easy… his name! He cultivates a different mindset and adapts well to people and situations. Common and beautiful things, he cultivates his personal touch as a person of refinement. Archetype of the beautiful perfume, it is an example of balance and olfactory pleasure.

Working day 1955
Olfactory family fruit
Olfactory subfamily spices
High notes lemon, verbena, neroli, orange
emotional message cardamom, coriander, basil, ginger
Background stories Oak, virginia cedar


Chanel Antaeus Eau de Toilette for men

Powerful as a god, fragile as a man, Antaeus tells the story of a legendary hero, the story of a man. The signature of an assertive style, this eau de toilette appeals to men of style.

Antaeus is a scent of complexity. No less than 95 raw materials are needed to make this perfume, rich in aromas and full of simplicity.

Working day Nineteen eighty one
Olfactory family wood
Olfactory subfamily Cyprus
High notes lemon, lime, coriander, clary sage
emotional message thyme, basil, rose, jasmine
Background stories patchouli, castoreum, labdanum cistus, oak

Chanel Exclusives – Sycamore

Chanel Exclusives Perfume - Sycamore

Like Dior’s Private Collection, Les Exclusifs de Chanel is an opportunity to evoke Mademoiselle’s personal story: 1957 for the year of her inauguration in the USA, Le Lion is based on her astrological sign …

In general, 29 eau de parfums for women and men make up this premium line today and our favorite for men is undoubtedly Sycamore. Designed around the scent of vetiver, this fragrance “evokes the majesty of autumn”. Woody and aromatic, it presents a refreshing…

Working day 1930
Olfactory family wood
Olfactory subfamily spices
High notes red fruit, juniper
emotional message vetiver, car
Final notes sandalwood, balsamic notes

Personal to himself

Chanel Egoiste Eau de Toilette

Self-esteem is not a trait that men like to flaunt. On the contrary, a person can (and should!) be proud to wear a fragrance like Egoïste. Chanel designed it as “the olfactory image of a typical man”. So it’s a composition that is complex and basic, wood, perfume and amber.

The perfume of the best impostor, Egoïste de Chanel is a classic that we never tire of. Perfumes can say the same.

Working day 1990
Olfactory family wood
Olfactory subfamily spices
High notes Orange, peach, coriander
emotional message cinnamon, rose, clove, plum
Background stories patchouli, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean, myrrh, cedar

People Watch

Chanel Allure Homme Eau de Toilette

If Allure Homme and its sports variants are among the best men’s fragrances today, we should not forget Allure formerly a women’s fragrance at Chanel.

Before the success of its launch in 1996, the house called Jacques Polge in 1999 to make the man of this nugget. Her name refers to the true beauty of men like Mademoiselle Chanel. A beauty that cannot be described but can be experienced. A no-brainer, really.

The fragrance stands out for its freshness (between marine and citrus notes), which is immediately contrasted by depth, mystery… and idleness. Here is a beautiful and complex perfume. Such a handsome man!

Working day 1999
Olfactory family wood
Olfactory subfamily spices
High notes marine note, mandarin
emotional message black pepper, neroli
Background stories vetiver, white musks, tonka bean, cedar

Bleu de Chanel

chanel water blue perfume

We can see it in the “youth” of the Chanel house. Created in 2010 (still by Jacques Polge), it quickly established itself as a bestseller and its success is undeniable, more than 10 years after its release. taking

Rejected in eau de parfum and then in perfume, the Bleu de Chanel eau de toilette wants to blow the wind of freedom. Enter a hot and strong person, hence the citrus, mint and vetiver accord. Easy to see, This fragrance has everything from the “old perfumer’s scent”… one more in the beautiful family of Chanel men’s fragrances.

Working day 2010
Olfactory family spices
Olfactory subfamily wood
High notes Salt, red pepper, lemon
emotional message ginger, jasmine, vetiver
Background stories Sandalwood, patchouli

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