Song from the “Slogan” campaign by Courrèges 2022

Courrèges has unveiled a new campaign for its star fragrance: “Slogan”. The music in the club is an original, non-commercial composition created by Erwan Sene, a young Parisian DJ.

“Slogan” campaign image by Courrèges 2022

Notes of fresh juniper berries, musky amber, white musk, perfectly combined to create a unique fragrance. Again Courrèges are fragrant It’s supposed to be confusing and confusing and there’s a solution. In a bottle that was invented by André Courrèges years ago, but now known for its modern revolution, Slogan is united.

By taking the pieces of the artistic direction of the house Courrèges, Nicolas DiFelice he wants to bring his new style while staying true to the spirit of the brand. Therefore, the slogan is a song of love and beauty, but also wants to be a symbol of our time.

The advertisement Curreges because the perfume “Slogan” shows us men who have found themselves. In the rings filled with beauty and taste, there is a white screen behind. These couples who are taken by love share the strength of their feelings between kisses and passionate kisses. As the white flags fly in the sky, the men and women in the campaign put their bodies in love and unity. One way to send new ideas through the power of a perfume is to feel new.

Who are the models in the “Slogan” by Courrèges ad?

To present its new unisex eau de toilette, Courrèges chose 6 young models. This shows well the face of the brand and the change made with the arrival of Nicolas Di Felice at the helm. So we know:

  • Antonia Przedpelski a model for Poland. He had to parade for Yves Saint-Laurent, Versace and other designers.
  • Betty Schupp a model of the German nation. He appeared in shoots for Hugo Boss, Eckhaus Latta, Versace, Courrèges and Ralph Lauren.
  • Craig Shimiriman a model of Dutch and Belgian nationalism. We have it on the catwalks for Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Paul Smith and Jil Sander.
  • Kiran Farebrother a model of British nationalism. She appears in shoots and shows for Hermès. He had to do commercials for Ferrari.
  • Liam Makkah a model of the French nation. He goes for Gucci, Richard Quinn, Ludovic de Saint-Sernin or Balmain.
  • May Tager a young model from Israel who is modeling for Carolina Herrera, Courrèges. It is available in some advertisements.

What is the song of the “Slogan” by Courrèges 2022 ad?

To promote his new perfume, Courrèges chose to give the project to a young Parisian DJ. So, the techno music we hear in commercialsErwan Sene with the sound of Nicolas DiFelice. This is a song composed for the Courrèges area and not for sale.

Erwan Sene a French DJ and producer. He practices photography as a hobby in his spare time. He studied at the Beaux-Arts and composed musical compositions and soundtracks for theater and advertising.

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