Song from the Joko campaign “You are ready for something” 2022

With Joko, we make money by selling. The cashback application shows its opinion on our screens, which attracts a lot of people. The music in the ad is an excerpt from “On the Side of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg.

Joko campaign image “You are ready for something” 2022

Since its launch in 2018, Joko has become one of the most popular programs in France. In fact, it offers a cashback service for all online customers. It’s becoming an all-in-one marketplace that combines all manner of things.

In his business “You’re ready for anything” indicating the expansion of its services, Joko brings us to meet different types. Men and women are common, with different ways of eating. They always try to do good deeds and are ready for anything. So, we see a person who wakes up at 4 o’clock and can get a plane ticket at a discount price. A woman who has been attacked in the press is surprising. A young man waiting in front of a store, in the cold and snowy weather, looking at sales or a woman worshiping loyalty cards. For all these people, Joko is the solution that comes to the rescue.

What is the song of the Joko “You are ready for something” 2022 ad?

To start his campaign, Joko chose the area from Peer Gynt. This is the suite number 1 of opera 46 by “In the House of the Mountain King” oEdvard Grieg. Competition songs were composed in 1874although the play was written in 1867 by Henrik Ibsen.

“On the Side of the Mountain King” It is one of the most popular works since its creation. It is available on TV, in the cinema, but also in advertising. He has served as the soundtrack for many projects. It’s one of those songs that everyone sings or hums without knowing the author.

Edvard Grieg a Norwegian composer and pianist. He is best known for composing the music for the play Peer Gynt, but also for his Piano Concerto in A minor. He founded the Norwegian Academy of Music in 1867 and conducted the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

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