Sephora is on sale: find out how to get yourself your favorite perfume at a crazy price

The Sephora website offers hundreds of price discounts on popular fragrance brands. If you want to treat yourself to a religious perfume at a low price, you can: discover the unmissable gifts of the season.

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A few days from the start of the summer sale, and the good offers from French online merchants continue. Among them, we find Sephora, a brand specialized in make-up, body care and perfumes. And it is important in this last category of products that Sephora stands out during the sale.

Of course, perfume is often expensive, especially if you want professional prescriptions. If your favorite perfume comes from a big house like Chanel or Dior, you might be able to save yourself a bottle. However, during sales periods, prices drop significantly at Sephora, where you can treat yourself without breaking the bank. So now is the time to take advantage of the current promotions on the brand’s website. Find out here all Sephora shopping offers

Sephora sale: up to -30% on perfumes from the biggest brands

Sephora Deals: Get the best fragrances at great prices

During the four weeks of summer shopping, Sephora publishes the best promotions in perfumes. We can mention Miss Dior and J’adore in Dior, Bleu de Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle or N° 5 in Chanel, Y, Libre and Black Opium in Yves Saint Laurent, La Vie est Belle and La Nuit Trésor at Lancôme… These are just a few of the many items available for sale at Sephora during the sale. You can choose eau de toilette or eau de parfum because of the different offers of these famous brands, and it is more expensive this time of year.

Also, in addition to offering great gifts on perfume bottles, Sephora also offers gift boxes that combine a special fragrance with other products, such as creams and make-up. up, for example. Everything is usually put in a beautiful case and an attractive discount is applied. You can prepare a nice gift in advance, but you can choose to keep it yourself, easily and without your money. There are many good reasons to love shopping at Sephora.

Order at Sephora, the best shopping idea

Maybe your city or mall has a Sephora store near you. But thanks to the brand’s online shopping site, you don’t have to go there to take advantage of the sales. Doing your shopping online saves you from mingling with the crowd and also prevents you from running out of money. Your order is sent to you immediately, and if you exceed a total of 60 euros, delivery is free. Sephora includes in your package up to five different samples: a nice little gift that often allows you to discover new perfumes or new creams.

Sephora also offers the free return of unopened products, even during the purchase: you have the right to make a mistake without penalty, a pleasant feeling and avoid problems during your online shopping. Finally, if you want to enjoy your purchases as quickly as possible, you have the option to pick up your order at the Sephora store of your choice, just two hours after confirmation to your basket. You choose.

Find out here all Sephora shopping offers

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