Place Vendôme, featuring the new Chanel Joaillerie store

It became at the end of the 19th century the world center of fine jewelry, Place Vendôme was one of the most frequented by Gabrielle Chanel, who was installed at the Ritz.. The columns, the brickwork, the walls, the faces carved in stone, there is no secret to the creator of the house on Rue Cambon. However, he was far from thinking that a Chanel boutique would open at number 18 in the 90s, more than twenty years after his death in 1971.

“La Borne”, an amazing bronze work almost 3 meters high by Johan Creten, greets visitors as they enter the store.Chanel

Coco Chandelier, a portrait of Gabrielle Chanel by California sculptor Joel Morrison, at the foot of the staircase with railings signed Goossens.Chanel

All Chanel Joaillerie on three floors

More than a year of work is needed to rebuild the shop, which went from 500 to 1000m2, without denying the taste of the house. On three levels, all Chanel merchandise is displayed (the workshops and studio are located in the basement). All this, “starting with luxury and high-end jewelry on the ground floor, continuing to the first floor with the most beautiful pieces of our watchmaking and fine watchmaking, in before going to the second floor and seeing the heirloom pieces and the number 5 necklace”, explained Frédéric Grangié, president of watches and accessories of Chanel, about this decorated piece including a 55.55-carat diamond created for the century of perfume worn by Marilyn Monroe.

Upstairs, the area reserved for Chanel watchmaking.

Peter Marino, the star designer who helped us renovate the famous Dior store on the rue Montaigne in Paris, knows 18 Place Vendôme very well: he is the one who registered his work again in 2007. For this second chapter, he evokes “the combination of beauty and modernity” – but without the first degree. This is the type of opulence of the clothes and the table about the minimalism of the black lacquers, evoking. Coromandel curtains love Gabrielle Chanelbut it seems that their decorations have been removed to return to the essentials: material and light. of the soft tones of golden beige associated with the black and white plaster, while the stone mirror dominates the artistic staircase with a rail by Goossens, which is also the source of the chandeliers such as dream catcher dear Above, a beautiful composition of wooden lotus flowers created in Japan in the 19th century evokes Coco’s Asian dreams, near a gallery that hosts heritage-themed exhibits. of the house.

Inside the new Chanel store on Place Vendôme.Chanel

Modern screens revisit the Coromandels beloved by Gabrielle Chanel.Chanel

Modern and stylish designs for Coco

The current components provide a sophisticated sound in every area. We stopped, a little surprised, in front of the picture placed at the foot of the stairs, where the discerning eye could not see a Gabrielle Chanel wearing a piercing on her nose (in fact in the form of the double C). Peter Marino chose this Coco Chandelier, a photo of Gabrielle Chanel Californian artist Joel Morrison, who worked at the car dealership. “La Borne”, a bronze work almost three meters high by Johan Creten, cannot be overlooked as an artistic tribute to the Vendôme column.

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