Our pick of the fifteen best ice creams and sorbets

If you like good ice cream, you probably know it Most of what is finished in France is done by producers or ice cream parlors, which have only a name. These fake ice cream shops sell “premixes” filled with dyes, stabilizers, synthetic sweeteners or vegetable fats (including palm oil). According to French law, it is enough to gather these products online to benefit from the home-made ice cream label, or to have an employee holding the glacier CAP to say or an ice cream maker.

In order not to be mistaken, here is our choice for the year 2022 of fifteen ice cream manufacturers – in no particular order – among the best producers in France in this field.

Madame butter ice cream with lambic from La Glacerie Paris

Hailing from the north of France, David Wesmaël first honed his skills in various industries before earning the titles of Meilleur Ouvrier de France ice cream maker and world pastry champion. In 2018, he opened a Parisian store, where he offers the best dry goods, and original equipment. This year, he has teamed up with the caramel maker and chocolate maker of Maison Le Roux to create a collection of bold ice creams on the theme of Breton summer.

The scent will never be forgotten: It’s one of our favorites of this selection. The soft texture of organic butter with beef oil from Leon goes well with the power of a clean and fruity cider eau-de-vie. Above all, don’t forget to add a hint of indulgence by serving this homemade salted caramel ice cream.

What’s new this summer: butter and kasha, Plougastel strawberries with sea water and oyster pepper, frozen entremets “Kouign à moi”.

Top 3 sales: vanilla, Sicilian pistachio, vanilla-caramel with chocolate chips.

Paris, Lille. Price: €3.90 (a scoop, extra caramel €0.50)

Strawberry sorbet from La Fraiseraie

The story of La Fraiseraie began in the 1970s, when Joseph and Colette Maillard began to grow fruit to make jams and ice cream. Although the company has changed hands many times since then, the goods and products have remained the same: no colors, preservatives or cosmetics.

The scent will never be forgotten: Released and produced in 1977, the strawberry sorbet is made with the Cirafine style, red in color, sweet, with a strong flavor, sweet and really sweet. Remember that the strawberries are obtained from the company’s own plants and are processed in their factory.

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