Music from Emporio Armani’s “Stronger with you only” campaign

New year, new dawn. Armani presents his new Eau de toilette for her, an ode to the power of love and harmony. The music from the commercial is the title “i see you” of the pop-rock duo MISSIO.

Emporio Armani’s advertising campaign is “More with you”.

Notes of grape, lavender and geranium, but also aromas of vanilla, chestnut and cistus, present in this condensed form of pure pleasure.Armani Our heads turn at the beginning of the year. “Stronger with you alone” It’s a sweet song that calls out for companionship, the desire to come together, and a beautiful tribute to the strength we have together.

Introduce us to his latest work for 2022, Emporio Armani chose peace. A bottle is reduced to its simple form, but with strong and powerful aromas. From the first seconds of the commercial, we see its amber color and its simple, but beautiful bottle. The ad then continues by showing us a man in a foolish heart.

Whispers, whispers, touches, kisses, but also important moments of contact in the daily life of a man and a woman. In the right sign, the man shows us the characteristics of a life made of love, passion, harmony and sharing, all of which give meaning to life.

Who features in the Armani “Stronger with you only” ad?

To promote its new fragrance for men, Emporio Armani called on two muses. We see them, touch, touch, connect to a soft and loving place. This is the British actor Nicholas Hoult and Italian actress Alice Pagani.

Nicholas Hoult is an actor who started his career in England. She is a part of Sylvia Young High School in London. He got his first role when he was 7 years old. At 13, he starred in a movie with Hugh Grant and after a few small roles, his career went global. He is famous for his work in the series skinthat ofAnthony Stonem. Alice Pagani is famous for her style Ludovica in the Netflix series Baby

What is the song of the Armani campaign “Better with you alone”?

For his new eau de toilette “Stronger with you only” for men, Armani chose a song by a pop-rock group. This is part of Mission don’t mind “i see you” The title is taken from the album “The darker the sky, the better the person” released in 2019.

Mission a duo founded by two Texans. They are Matthew Brue, singer, songwriter and David Butler, composer and producer. The company was founded in 2016.

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