Men’s fragrances: 7 new men’s fragrances of the summer

There is a snow wind in the perfumes for men. Looking at the latest fragrances of the summer season, will lift the mood a bit, when the temperature is taken.

1. Hermes

We found in the heart the dry and sweet notes of Terre d’Hermès, one of the best men’s perfumes in France. Christine Nagel consider a frozen version: “With this new work, I want to challenge the existing idea as a kind of freshness with a lightness.. A water like the breath of the Arctic, extracted by the consent of the citron and the life of the Timut pepper, surrounded in the mineral breath, is enough medicine.

Terre d’Hermès ice water

2. Cartier

A vegetable breath of beauty. Cedar notes are combined with a whiff of spices and citrus leaves. The result mimics the feelings of an active walk in the middle of nature, in the shade of trees, when the sun is setting.

New Showcase, Cartier

3. Guerlain

Inspired? The power of the running horse. Olfactorily, this feeling is translated into the growing brightness of hemp and anxious rose notes, anchored by a patchouli / leather / vanilla line.

Habit Rouge L’Instinct, Guerlain

4. Kenzo

Imagine the clean scent of the sea breeze, the aromatic power of bamboo, a carved wood texture…

Kenzo Homme Intense Eau de Toilette

5. Corona

The perfume John Jacques Rediscover the religious scent of Caron, and be inspired by the inspiration of the dawn of a new day to begin. The pure scent of Provencal lavandin is combined with a substance of CO2 ginger, obtained in cold form, to be very close to the real life of the perfume.

For man, morning, Caron

6. Byredo

Byredo perfumes are always beautiful, unlike any other. This is a compendium of velvety green notes, bursting with nature: mandarin leaves, neroli flower, bamboo and a touch of lavender. delicious.

7. Marly perfumes

A whirlwind of citrus fruits, alive, sharp, bright. We note the aromatic scent of green apple and mandarin zest, against the sunny brightness of Sicilian bergamot and petit grain… Summer.

Greenley, Parfums de Marly

8. Bvlgari

A trip to the Mediterranean Sea with this perfume will reproduce the invigorating effect of the mistral. Strong sandalwood contrasts with a lively, mysterious and powerful heart.

Empyr, Bvlgari

320 €

Galeries Lafayette

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