L’Atelier Ellena, the perfume from father to daughter

These two show the joy of working together. In their small workshop in Spéracèdes (Alpes-Maritimes), overlooking the Grasse countryside, father and daughter quietly create fine perfumes for Frédéric Malle, Le Couvent, Houbigant , Laboratorio Olfattivo or 100BON, for which they thought of something new. collection whose first three scents arouse desire.

You will not see Jean-Claude and Céline Ellena sign for a large group or respond to any “marketing short”, a word that scares them. What they enjoy is supporting projects from A to Z. “People come to see us saying ‘I want a woman, a man’ or ‘I want a perfume'”, explains the former. “Then we do our best, we write a scent and words to go with it. »

Art and craft style

Atelier Ellena claims high quality as its signature. At the beginning of the project, each customer must agree to a contract that pays for the training above and the production of the final perfume. “And besides, we’re expensive! This turns off a lot of customers,” ironically the smell. The Atelier responds to about ten projects per year, and although Céline Ellena admits to having less of a life than when she worked in Paris for the composer houses like with Symrise or Charabot (we owe it to The Different Company perfumes), that too. He said he was very happy with this new creative freedom.

“This is the main advice I give to young perfumers: weigh your formulas, stay on topic. »Jean-Claude Ellena

The name “Atelier” was chosen to choose this type of art, the father and daughter have dirty hands, that is because they themselves weigh the spices by hand, apart from trade. Typically, the perfumer types his ingredients into a computer and an assistant weighs the essences drop by drop, in a nearby laboratory. Developing a perfume is an important and sometimes difficult process. “This is the main advice I give to young perfumers: weigh your formulas, stay on topic. I’ve been told to be a minimalist, working on short styles; because, I am sorry for myself, they are more”Jean-Claude Ellena laughed.

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To understand what to change, you need to imagine a cook, his nose on his stove, slowly mixing ingredients. “The smell surrounds you and you move to thinking ‘hey, this additive, finally, I’m not going to put this or this, I’m going to increase the amount.’ Because we are in it, we live in the fragrance”believes Céline Ellena, who remembers, as a young perfumer, thinking of weighing as a punishment: “I mean, I’m at the bottom of the stairs. » Having established his factory and having no reason to pay help, he began to work again on a larger scale.

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