Invictus Platinium Paco Rabanne 2022 ad: model and music

Paco Rabanne combines the performance of sports and the beauty of legends in its new campaign. Is the Invictus Platinium eau de parfum a distillation of power and masculinity? The music in the commercial is a hip-hop song by Vo Williams “Great”.

Advertisement for Paco Rabanne’s Invictus Platinium

The new thing Invictus Platinum Eau de Parfum by Paco Rabanne It is designed to restore the magnetism of men. It is an ode to strength and victory and a symbol for those who will not shrink from any challenge. For this campaign, Paco Rabanne has set the mood of his perfume. It should be said that the ads of the brand are always written. You can see with the Phantom perfume ad and its futuristic nature. Examples of activities, sports and art, but also symbolic moments of challenges and victories that follow one another.

Paco Rabanne’s Invictus Platinium commercial opens with an image of a handsome young man in a wallet and chains. He walks down the street, masculine and seductive. It continues with a black and white shot of a young man at a skate park, then another running through the savannah. The ad shows a man taking a long flight. Then we see the young man from the beginning, shirtless, in a room of glasses dribbling with a basketball.

The ad features various athletes: a weightlifter, a wheelchair athlete, a roof top boxer, motocross youth, a tennis player, a dancer, a musician, athletes , boxes. All are motivated by one goal: to win. We can see a room full of dishes reminiscent of the atypical nature of the Invictus Platinium fragrance. The commercial ends with a picture of a young man from the beginning of trading in the clouds with beautiful white horses on his way. Then he returns with a shower of flashes that make a victory sign.

Who is a model, actress, soccer player?

To symbolize the strength and courage of his perfume, Paco Rabanne called upon an NBA star. The new face of Invictus Platinum for this campaign is Houston Rockets player, Jalen Green. At only 20 years old, the youth Jalen Romande Green it is a symbol of American prosecutors. The youngest player in his team, he stood out for his style of play by playing as a fullback. Despite being better with his team, he was selected in the dream team to represent the national colors where he shines. This new face of the Spanish brand perfectly embodies the spirit of modern eau de parfum. Strength and body, but above all victory.

What is the music in the ad?

To promote his new eau de parfum, Paco Rabanne chose a piece Vo Williams. The song is called “Great” taken from the eponymous album released in 2021.

Vo Williams is an American singer, songwriter, composer and actor. He has composed many scores for films, television and video games. Vo Williams is a creator of the Epic Hip-Hop genre.

The new Invictus Platinium eau de parfum by Paco Rabanne 2022

Since the release of its first vintage in 2013, Invictus by Paco Rabanne there are stories. He has acquired many perfumes over the years that have become Invictus Platinium today. Timeless, masculine, bold and true, Invictus has revolutionized men’s fashion. Inspired by Greco-Roman mythology, the bottle depicts the wings of victory. Its shape is like a knot, which says a lot about the scents of the herb in its path.

Paco Rabanne’s Invictus Platinium Eau de Toilette is an intoxicating fragrance with its top notes of absinthe and grapefruit. Then it reveals itself with a light touch of mint and lavender before changing to a deep scent of cypress and patchouli. Finally, it is a drug, strong and attractive, almost erotic.

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