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You are reading the first part of our survey “ The biggest departure “. Here is the second part and there is the third.

The call to the desert started on May 10 by the students of AgroParisTech acted as a detonator. Viewed more than 12 million times, their video has spread the word and shows a fundamental movement that directly compares the characteristics of social success. It is a crack in the established order: business is not a dream. The towers of La Défense and the rolex at fifty » no more. Everywhere, young and old are questioning work, its purpose and meaning. Some, not even, reject it, to create, in other places, a life that they and they think is more valuable.

Only a few months after the death of the arrest, which released a whole section of economic activities, a part of the population did not want to return to the level, to finish their studies, or return to factories or businesses. In the United States, sociologists have called this phenomenon Great Leave » Where BigQuit » : the great departure ». By 2021, more than 38 million Americans will have left their jobs. 40 % never returned to work. It’s a tsunami that affects all ages, all industries. And shift the balance of power between workers and businesses.

More and more people are looking for an exit from the world of work. Unsplash / Press Release

We’re all off, sorry for the trouble »write a letter to the employees of a Burger King in Nebraska. Please bear with the staff who responded, no desire to do so again. »said employees of a McDonald’s in Texas. Fuck the executives, fuck this company, fuck this job… I quit, unfortunately ! », a Walmart employee in Texas yelled into the sound system of his store. A statement that was imitated by his peers.

America is on the move and it’s not alone. In England, older people leave a lot. 300,000 workers from 50 to 65 years old are involved in the division of non-profit organization ». Their main interest, according to the results of a large survey ? Taking a break and escaping the corporate world forever.

In Quebec, employers are no longer willing to hire minors to address labor shortages in the service and service sectors. 240,000 positions were abandoned. In Spain, we intend to bring thousands of Moroccans and increase the residence permits of foreigners to solve the lack of work in the tourism sector.

What’s the point of going up when everything is going down ?

This situation is similar to France. Also, the journey has begun. Hundreds of thousands of positions have not been filled, due to a lack of candidates, in the hotel or restaurant industry, while in universities, among the upper middle classes, the gap is beginning. Beyond the thunderous speeches in the press, a quiet revolution is spreading. In every campaign, and where you least expect it, fossil fuel companies or top government.

Doubt is spreading. An ecological crisis comes to destroy the dreams of the past with the taste of mothballs. What is the value of advertising in the face of climate change? ? Why fight for places when the whole system is shaky ? What’s the point of going up when everything is going down ?

And “ threatened the French economy »

According to a recent poll, published in May, more than a third of respondents (35 %) are not very willing to leave. A section that goes up to 42 % among people under 35 years of age. Viewers say social revolution »cloud threatened the French economy ».

At the bottom of the ladder, the neoliberal offensive is also pushing the initiative. In the face of the degradation of working conditions and low wages, many workers, disdain, take their heels. In the hospital, the situation is very obvious. Cadences and inconsistencies encourage caregivers and caregivers to leave. 60,000 jobs can’t find carriers.

On February 14, 2020, in Paris. © Mathieu Genon / Reporterre

The virus played a catalytic role. He beat the spirits. The engine stopped working, and the emergency brake did not appear. By abandoning, for a time, the work we were engaged in, the patient showed an aberration of the normally »believe in the authors of a powerful text published in March 2020 online Monday morning : What opens before you is not an infinite space, it is a vast space. The virus uses you. […] It puts you at the foot of the bifurcation that has set your life in motion: business or life. You have. The problem is a story. »

What is our main focus? ? As the world changes, we have choices to make. They are similar to the small voices. It’s time to live your own life, stop denying yourself, stop dissonance. You must find the strength to say no »Albert Camus writes in The rebel.

Side road

As the buds begin, the crossroads begin to struggle with what David Graeber calls foolishness ». Many people decide to quit. In France, they are employed and unemployed RSA retrain, go and leave the workforce alone. Reporter met with dozens of them, looking for meaning. Some, even if they remain in the minority, become farmers, others turn to handicrafts and handicrafts, others throw themselves into conflicts.

I don’t want to participate in this masquerade anymore »tells Noémie, a 30-year-old former consultant who became a pig farmer in organic farming. I no longer wish to place my forces in the service of destructive activities », continues Pierre, a former engineering student who now criss-crosses the zad. “ I’m not going back to work for a boss, sixty hours a week for less », adds Claire, an old Parisian restaurant currently based in the Drôme. Elodie is a nurse in Toulouse but wants to leave the island. The hospital is converted into a care facility. We live in an abusive environment », now. His new project ? A self-driving and nomadic tour of France, places of conflict and working communities.

We lose everything, we think and we don’t feel sad »

The next earthquake is difficult to measure. But there is a smell of Year 01this film by Jacques Doillon, the symbol of the libertarian protest of the 1970s, with a good quote: We lose everything, we think and we don’t feel sad. »

New statistics from the Ministry of Labor confirm this: the wave is not about to end. There were 1.6 million departures CDI in 2021. In a third and a quarter, the 500,000 resignation mark was exceeded. It has only happened once in the last twenty years, in 2008, and it doubled the numbers of 2015.

A sign reading “ We rent in front of a group in North America. Unsplash / Ernie Journey

But more than these data, it is the media that exists. The volume of calls for resignations speaks volumes about the questions that provoke public opinion.influencing politician Geneviève Pruvost. Today, there is an abandonment of businesses that are essential to the functioning of the capitalist model. It affects the continuity of the system »he added.

If a hundred engineers and researchers from the Toulouse community decided to stop working on algorithms and robots, everything would break. », confirms Olivier Lefebvre. This 40-year-old man resigned from his position. He did it somewhere start up on self-driving cars instead of throwing it all away.

The cogs are fighting

Although they are cogs in the techno-industrial machine, many engineers are struggling. Arthur Gosset, former student of Centrale Nantes directed the film Share(s) – where he released the bifurcation of his fellow deserters – they think 30 % of ads. A difficult picture proves the lack of quantitative studies on the subject. Grandes Ecoles and alumni associations do not want to talk about this public leak.

We are more likely to hear about the refusal to work today. », but look at Romain Boucher. This old one Data science The graduate of the École des mines left his job in 2018. In his office near the Champs-Élysées, the attacks of the Yellow Vests were carried out. seismic wave » which forced him to break with his world.

We want to destroy this social class that holds the system »

He created the group You’re Not Alone to encourage his colleagues to quit. By overthrowing the ruling and educated bourgeoisie, we intend to stop the imposed transmission belt. We want to destroy this social class that holds the system »he said.

Desertion disturbs the economic principles, cuts off its limbs and peels off its green varnish. The author is known as Corinne Morel Darleux a type of sabotage signal ». “ The refusal to succeed is now part of a long line of direct action and disaffiliation with the system.he wrote in his article Better to sink than to float uncomfortably. Desertion is a dangerous weapon to unleash on the future. »

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