From Chanel to Mika, the main Eurovision will present sixteen images

The Kalush Orchestra, whose song “Stefania” combines hip-hop and traditional music, collected 631 points. The favorites of the competition are the Ukrainians ahead of the Briton Sam Ryder and his title “Space Man” (466 points) and the Spaniard Chanel with “Slo Mo” (459 points).

“Our bravery in the world, our music has conquered Europe”, replied Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Facebook. This is the third victory of Ukraine in this competition after 2004 and especially in the 2016 edition – two years after the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea by Russia – with Jamala and with the title “1944”, a song about the deportation of the Tatars by. Stalin.

What’s next after this announcement?

As the two semi-finals are scheduled this week in Turin, a series of blue and yellow flags of the country under the image of the Russian army entered the stadium of the Pala Olimpico in the Piedmontese capital (northwest of Italy) where the 25 finalists played.

What’s next after this announcement?

“Please help Ukraine and Mariupol! Help Azоvstal,” Kalush Orchestra vocalist Oleh Psiuk called on stage and received a standing ovation. “This victory is very important for Ukraine, especially this year. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Glory to Ukraine! ” Said the singer in a purple hat after the victory.

Political comments are banned at Eurovision, but the organizers have indicated that Ukraine will not be exempted for these comments.

What’s next after this announcement?

What’s next after this announcement?

“We see the deep feelings around Ukraine in this way and consider the statements of the Kalush Orchestra and other artists who show their support for the Ukrainian people to become a human being. rather than politics,” said the European Union. Radio-Television (EBU), the organizer of the event.

Finally France

The EBU withdrew Russia from the competition a day after Russian troops entered Ukraine on February 24.

Ukraine received the highest number – 12 points – from some former republics or successor countries of the Soviet Union: Poland, the country in Europe that received the largest number of Ukrainian refugees since the beginning of the war, Moldova , Latvia, Romania and Lithuania .

According to the rules of Eurovision, the next edition of the competition should be held in Ukraine, which in the words of Oleh Psiuk “is a new, integrated, developing and growing Ukraine”.

For Volodymyr Zelensky, Eurovision 2023 should be held in the “free, peaceful and rebuilt” city of Mariupol. A strategic port city in Ukraine, Mariupol is as heavily bombed by the Russians as Kyiv.

Finland, which has more than 1,300 km of border with Russia and is preparing to join NATO, gave 12 points to Sweden, which means that it must announce its intention to together with the Atlantic Alliance, probably from this Sunday.

For Ukrainian observers, they gave their 12 points to the British candidate.

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, said that he wanted the 2023 edition of Eurovision to be held “in Kyiv in a free and united Ukraine”, while the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen recalled: “The ‘EU is. with you’.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed a victory that showed Europe’s “unwavering support” with Ukraine.

France, which was passionate after its first success from the one of Marie Myriam (“The child and the bird”) in … 1977, comes to the penultimate with the group Alvan & Ahez. The French Barbara Pravi, with her song “Voilà”, did not miss last year’s performance in 2nd position.

The French public gave 12 points to the United Kingdom and 10 points to Ukraine. Benoît Blaszczyk, secretary of France-Eurofans, the French branch of the General Organization of Eurovision Fans (OGAE), told AFP “The victory of Europe is of people who share the same language : song!”

The favorite of the bookmakers, Ukraine competed with the song “Stefania” that combines hip-hop and traditional music in related songs – which were written before the war – which excited the crowd. in the news (“I’ll always find a way back if the roads are closed. “).

In the sixth in the field, the members of the group, all the fighting years, benefited from a short period issued by the government of kyiv, but they had to go home to take the weapons when it was over the competition. Some of them lived in the country.

To complete the podium, the Briton with the stratospheric voice Sam Ryder, who sang “SpaceMan” in solo and group, and the torrid Spanish singer of Cuban origin Chanel, in the dress – very light – as a bullfighter with the Latin rhythmic name “Slo Mo”.

The Swedish Cornelia Jakobs reached the 4th with a very beautiful scene (“Hold me close”).

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